Hembree Haus Fall 2020

Who decorates for fall, and do you do it before Halloween or in November? This is a real question that I have pondered for years. Eventually, I landed on a routine at Hembree Haus and we have quite a bit of fun with it. I know there is a range of opinions on this subject, but at times like this, I remember what a crass old man told me once. “Opinions are like butt holes, everybody’s got one.”

Our fall decorations will go up this week or next and like many busy families, I am not always the quickest at taking things down. Case and point, I’ll be removing the American flag-themed bunting I hung in July to hang my fall decorations.

I start with our front yard and set up my happy and friendly scarecrows, straw bales, assorted fall gourds, and flowers. In October I add the Halloween decorations with bats in the trees, spiders, ghosts, and other happy haunts. Nothing overtly gross or gory and that’s it. The first week of November Bing Crosby, Kelly Clarkson, and the Jackson Five climb back to the top of my playlists and we decorate for Christmas. We are among those people that completely skip Thanksgiving decorations and treat it more like Christmas Dinner #1.

What are your fall decorating tips and traditions? Let me know and I’ll share them on BereaOnline.com. Save your Christmas decorations for another day, but anything Halloween is fair game. I look forward to your sharing.

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