Berea has a wonderful selection of venues to host your next birthday party. From crossing those monumental thresholds, like the big 50, or a simple small venue to keep the mess out of your house these are the top places to get your party started.

  1. The Dinner Bell – The Dinner Bell is a family-style restaurant located just off of the I-75 exit 76. The Dinner Bell is a great place to host your next birthday party because it has a large private dining room featuring large windows and a fireplace. Additionally, the food is some of the best in Berea and they offer several different options to feed your guests. To inquire about renting the room or to find out what delicious options are available call 859-986-2777.
  2. The Smokehouse Grill – The Smokehouse Grill has two areas that can be set up for a private party experience. The first option is the meeting room that will seat around 30 people comfortably. The second is the large fireplace room located just off the main dining room and offers easy access to the country buffet that has made the Smokehouse Grill a Berea staple of great viddles. Located just off of I-75 Exit 77 in Berea, finding the restaurant is a snap. To rent the rooms contact the Smokehouse by calling 859-986-0830
  3. Club Arena Skating Rink – Celebrating over 60 years of entertaining on Broadway. Club Arena Keeps the tradition set by Charlie and Polly Wyatt back in 1960. They are a classic rink with a modern twist and take pride in providing great, family entertainment. All of their sessions are targeted to skaters of all ages and abilities. All music is tailored to be safe for all ages with families in mind. Contact them today for the best selection and availability! 211 North Broadway (in “Old Town”) Berea, KY 40403 859-986-3881, 859-661-1338
  4. Kentucky Farm Bureau – You might not think of an Insurance office as the first option for a Birthday Party location, but Kentucky Farm Bureau has a lot to offer that makes it the perfect place to celebrate your next birthday. The community room features a full kitchen, private restrooms, and just out the door without any cumbersome steps is ample parking. Call 859-986-2318 M-F 8:00 am-4:30 pm to ask about this convenient space.
  5. The Spotlight Playhouse – The Spotlight Playhouse is a wonderful place to bring the family for a fun-filled birthday party. It is located at 214 Richmond Road on the strip and offers several venues to rent out for a small group or large crowd. From a black box theatre that has 100 seats and great acoustics to the open hardwood floored Studio and spacious lobby, the Spotlight Playhouse has something for everyone. To learn more about renting the rooms call 859-756-0011.
  6. The Berea Friends Meeting House – The Berea Friends Meeting House is a unique location to hold your next birthday party in Berea. The meeting house spaces can be rented out for a reasonable fee and offer seating for up to 100 people. The meeting house is less than a mile from Berea College at 300 Harrison Rd. Email requests for reservations may be sent to
  7. The Russel Acton Folk Center – The center was built by a group of volunteers and many generous donations, in the mid-1980s. Berea has taken ownership of this facility and is now renting it privately. Featuring 3,500-square feet of open space, a commercial kitchen, and over 500 square feet dedicated to bathroom facilities, this building can be used for many different types of events. The cost of a facility rental will depend on the length of your event, number of people, and whether or not the kitchen is needed. For reservation information call (859) 986-9402.
  8. Oh Kentucky Campground – The Oh Kentucky Banquet Room just might be the perfect space for your next birthday party in Berea. The large building will house a considerable amount of guests and for an additional fee, your guests will have access to the campground swimming pool. For more information and rates please call 859-986-1150.
  9. The Boone Tavern – Boone Tavern Event Center, Skylight Room, Robinson Room, Coyle Gathering Room, Lincoln Lounge, and Elizabeth Ann Dunseth Lounge are all spaces perfectly fitted for a birthday party and range in size to seat 14 guests to 150 guests. Many of the rooms feature complimentary wi-fi and access to audio/video equipment. As the pricier location on this list you may want to reserve the Boone Tavern for the most special of occasions, but then again aren’t all birthdays special? To rent one of these exquisite rooms call 859-985-3967.
  10. Berea Intergenerational Center – The 1990s saw Berea celebrate its age diversity when the Intergenerational Center opened its doors in 1996. Some of the features of the center include several small rooms/offices, a kitchen, and a large community room. The community room is available for rentals and offers ample room for most birthday celebrations. Contact the Berea Senior Citizens Center for more information by calling (859) 986-8350.
  11. Many Area Churches – If you are a member of a local church you may need to look no further than your local congregation for a birthday party location. Many area churches have well-appointed fellowship halls available to members for free or at a low cost. Some of the nicest halls include Berea Baptist Church, Westside Baptist Church, First Christian, Berea United Methodist Church, and Church on the Rock.

The Berea area offers a wide variety of spaces to host your next birthday party. From the more formal Boone Tavern, with its elegant ballrooms and meeting rooms, to small intimate venues perfect for a smaller get-together, you’re sure to find something that will meet your needs in this town full of history and community spirit. With so many options on our list, it’s easy to see why Berea is such an excellent location for hosting your next birthday. Call one of these locations today or stop by their website for more information about what they have available.