High School Musical Cast 2019Do you recall where you were when the long-awaited sequel to Disney Channel’s blockbuster hit High School Musical 2 premiered? If you are in that age group, you know about “What Time is It?” from the opening line (“summer… summer… summer…”), to the pool party finale of “High School Musical 2,” which defined summer for a generation. With High School Musical 2, another summer anthem was born, and it reminded us that even if school stress follows a student into the summer, having people to lean on and who care about them is critical to overcoming anything.

For 14 years, the classic sequel has kept its magic fresh as new. This timeless follow-up casts a spell over us just as effectively now as it did when we first burst from our classroom doors to answer the eternal question: What time is it?

The original High School Musical taught us that we don’t need to follow the crowd, and that our differences make us special. After they overcame the social pressures of high school to follow their ambitions and learn to understand each other better, we couldn’t help but become attached to Troy, Gabriella, Chad, Taylor, and all the rest of the East High Wildcats.

Adolescents often believe that no one understands them. Teens who are still trying to figure out their futures. It’s stressful to apply for college, and many young people feel as if they will not make it through, but we turn on High School Musical 2 to observe the East High Wildcats having similar issues. Many teens can identify with Troy, who is trying to get into the college of his dreams. It’s easy to imagine that the entire future is bearing down on these students’ shoulders. It’s a good thing that High School Musical 2 has an exact musical number to describe that state of mind.

Spotlight Acting School is proudly presenting this incredible ode to the teenage journey and holding open auditions on October 9th at Noon. You do not have to be currently enrolled in Spotlight Acting School to audition and all Students age 14-18 will be cast. Age waivers to younger students may be granted, but students in the designated age range will be cast first.

The audition process is simple, as students are be expected to sing a song of their choice and repeat a short dance routine. Any song will work. Optional monologues are welcome and will be considered in the casting process.

The rehearsals will be on Saturdays from 12:00 pm to 1:30 pm each week until Dress Week and the performances are scheduled for February 25-27. Standard tuition to Spotlight Acting School is $85 per month before any discounts or financial aid. Spotlight maintains a goal to never turn a student away so speak with a director if you require financial assistance. For more information call the box office at 859-756-0011 or email chad@spotlightactingschool.com.