Buc-ee’s construction continues on I-75 in Richmond, KY as summer comes to an end. Buc-ee’s is a privately held company headquartered in Lake Jackson, Texas. The chain has been growing rapidly in recent years; as of 2018, it had 44 locations in six states (Texas, Louisiana, Alabama, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Florida).

This will be their first Kentucky location.

What is Buc-ee’s and how does it compare to other gas stations

A true convenience store with gas pumps and a shopping area. Convenience comes from the huge variety of items they offer. You can find anything from hot dogs to ice cream to wood for your BBQ.

This is unlike most other gas stations since it is not just a place where you buy gas to fill up your car and be on your way. They also are a place where you can go shopping for food, drinks, snacks, ice cream, and more. This is why it has been able to grow so quickly over the past several years as Americans now live busy lives where we do not have time to cook our own meals or shop at other grocery stores which can take more time than people have in their day.

How this will impact current businesses in the area

Only time will tell how this new gas station will impact current business in the area. Having a gas station near your house is convenient but some people will say that it could hurt businesses in the area. If more people choose to stop at Buc-ee’s because of its convenience, they may not need to go as often to other stores or restaurants nearby. It is possible that this might happen, but there are many different factors that can affect this: 1) Will people be willing to drive past other gas stations or even grocery stores just to get gas? 2) How large will this new Buc-ee’s store be and how well-stocked will it be with supplies? 3) Will prices at Buc-ee’s be lower than prices at other stores?

Why did they choose Richmond, KY as the location for their first Kentucky location

Buc-ee’s chose Richmond, KY as the location for its first location in Kentucky because of its convenient access to Northern and Southern traffic. The site is located on I-75, which links these two regions together.

The $25 million project will include 120 gas pumps, a 53,000 square foot shopping facility, and a restaurant. The location of the gas pumps are situated at a highly visible area to be able to entice as many users as possible.

The Buc-ee’s employer will provide over 200 full-time jobs upon opening and the location will be open 24 hours a day. This will not only bring jobs to the community but also a variety of new services to Madison County residents.