This summer, Spotlight Acting School, located at 214 Richmond Road in Berea, KY (Inside the Spotlight Playhouse), is providing a fantastic opportunity for young actors to get involved and hone their skills with auditions for “The Secret Case of Sherlock Holmes,” a clever mystery by Craig Sodaro. Open to students aged 14-18, the auditions are set to take place on May 13th at 1:30 pm.

The play promises to be an engaging and enjoyable experience for all involved, with humorous twists and turns as Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson embark on their first case. The summer rehearsal schedule is designed to accommodate vacations and camps, ensuring a flexible and stress-free experience for students.

With no prior acting experience required and financial assistance available, this production offers a welcoming and inclusive environment for young actors to explore their passion for theater. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to spend the summer immersed in the captivating world of “The Secret Case of Sherlock Holmes” at Spotlight Acting School.

As a well-regarded institution, Spotlight Acting School is dedicated to nurturing and developing young talent in the community. By participating in “The Secret Case of Sherlock Holmes,” students will not only have the chance to build their acting skills but also create lasting friendships and memories with their fellow cast members.

Throughout the rehearsal process, students will be guided by experienced directors Chad Hembree and Jazzlyn Threlkeld, who will help bring out the best in each actor. This fun and challenging production offers the perfect opportunity for young performers to learn about character development, stage presence, and teamwork.

Moreover, this production will be an exciting adaptation of the classic Sherlock Holmes story, introducing young audiences and actors to the legendary detective and his trusted companion, Dr. Watson. With a modern twist and unique character interpretations, “The Secret Case of Sherlock Holmes” is sure to be a hit with both the cast and audiences alike.

Don’t miss out on this excellent chance for young actors to gain valuable theater experience, make new friends, and have a fantastic time this summer. To learn more about the auditions for “The Secret Case of Sherlock Holmes” and Spotlight Acting School, visit or contact Chad Hembree at or 859-661-0600. Mark your calendars for May 13th at 1:30 pm and join Spotlight Acting School at 214 Richmond Road, Berea, KY (Inside the Spotlight Playhouse) for an unforgettable summer adventure.