Things to do in Berea, KY 2019

Things to do in Berea Kentucky
Berea College, The Spotlight Playhouse, & The Artisan Village

Berea Kentucky is the Arts and Crafts Capital of Kentucky and conveniently located on I-75 between Knoxville, TN, and Lexington, KY. Arts and craft take center stage in Berea, but there are many other hidden treasures travelers should check out.

  1. Hiking at Indian Fort Mountian
  2. The Spotlight Playhouse (Theater)
  3. Old Town Artisan Village
  4. Berea College Tour
  5. Boone Tavern Hotel and Dining Room
  6. The Log House Craft Gallery
  7. Kentucky Artisan Center at Berea
  8. Red Lick Valley
  9. Biking in Berea
  10. Oh Contraire Folk Dancing
  11. The Kentucky Guild of Artists and Craftsmen
  12. The Berea Arts Council
  13. Berea Tourism Welcome Center
  14. Loyal Jones Appalachian Center
  15. Appalachian Fireside Gallery
  16. Weavers Bottom Craft Studio
  17. Honeysuckle Vine
  18. Gastineau Studio
  19. Edge Of Darkness Haunted House
  20. Boone Trace Marker
  21. Peacecraft
  22. Warren A. May Woodworker
  23. Berea College Visitor Center and Shoppe
  24. Tater Knob Pottery and Farm
  25. Berea Soaps & Gifts
  26. The Cabin of Old Town
  27. Hot Flash Beads
  28. Boone Square Mini Mall
  29. Todd’s Antique Mall
  30. Chestnut St. Mini Mall
  31. Fiber Frenzy
  32. Something Olde Antique Shop
  33. Explore The Berea Cemetery
  34. Weston Glass Studio
  35. Club Arena Skating Rink
  36. Images of Santa Claus
  37. Berea Country Club
  38. Berea College Farm Store
  39. Berea Fudge Shoppe
  40. Fine Wine Caddy
  41. Gallery 103
  42. Old Town Amish Store
  43. Robie Books
  44. Shawn’s Flea Market
  45. T&D Gallery

We hope you will find plenty to do in Berea.

We are always open to suggestions, so if you find a discrepancy or want to recommend an addition please let us know. Keep in mind that this is not a review page and we do not know the level of service at all of these locations, but a link is provided for each to make your own assessment.

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