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Hot Weather Brings Business to Local Pool – (BOL Archives 2002)

In March, the trees and plants had already begun to bloom. By the second week in June, Berea was experiencing the hottest day recorded in the last two years. The weather alone provides a great reason to stop by the pool for a relaxing and refreshing afternoon.

The pool is not only used to escape the summer heat; pool parties, a full concession stand, and swim lessons are also available. Jennifer Renfroe, recreation director, states that most of July and August are already booked for pool parties, yet a few dates are still available. Swim lessons at the pool are currently in secession and will start again on July twentieth. Continue reading Hot Weather Brings Business to Local Pool – (BOL Archives 2002)

Berea Officially Opens Park Expansion and Skate Park

Berea officially opens the much anticipated City Park expansion featuring a modern Skate Park.  Many were in attendance today as the Berea Chamber of Commerce ribbon cutting ceremony started off the afternoon of fun and food. Maggy Kriebel, Director of Berea Parks and Recreation, was on hand to organize and manage the event.  I was particularly impressed with Maggy’s obvious rapport with youth that came to celebrate the opening.

Maggie Kriebel with participants
Maggie Kriebel, Director Berea Parks

When  Ms. Kriebel annonced the event was about to begin I thought to myself it will take a while to turn the chaos of what is a skate park into an organized effort, but the minute she called out the participants were drawn to her attentively focused. Maggie then proceeded to explain that this park belongs to you, the skaters,  as citizens of Berea turning ownership of the day over to these inspired youth.  I don’t know how you do it Maggie, but cudos!

Mayor Steve Connelly on the Mic
Mayor Steve Connelly Officiates

The Mayor, Steve Connelly,  officiated the event thanking all those in attendance and all those responsible for this day.  Several other dignitaries were present along with some honored guest.  The Berea City Council was proudly represented by Greg Lakes, Ronnie Terrill and Troy VanWinkle.  I was surprised by such a low turnout of council members, but then it did occur to me that this is summer vacation time for many busy families.  Magistrate Larry Combs made an appearance as did the County Clerk hopeful, Democratic Candidate Lisa Davis.

Randy Stone and Donna Angel
Randy Stone and Donna Angel

The city was also represented by City Administrator Randy Stone and  Magnificent Maggie Kriebel.  (Attend one Council meeting when she speaks and you’ll understand the name.  No one can fake that much enthusiasm.)  Other honored guest included the Berea Chamber of Commerce Director David Rowlette, Donna Angel of Community Trust Bank and project visionaries Dr. Emogene Hogg-Hartman and her husband Jim Hartman who have been pushing for this park for fifteen years.

Emogene Hogg-Hartman
Dr. Emogene Hogg-Hartman

Kyle Sowers provided sound services for the event, adding music to the already fun day.  Free hot dogs and cold water were offered to all in attendance as well.   The park itself was designed and built by Spohn Ranch out of Los Angeles, CA.  The skate park installation took three days to complete and opened to the public on March 17, 2010.  Spohn Ranch is the famed builder of the X-Games and have built more than 450 skake parks across the United States.  Using the latest in skate park design the skate park elements were brought in by truck and set by crane into place.

Nice Ramp
Berea Skate Park

The Parks features include:

  • Quarter Pipe with Guardrail
  • Speedramp
  • Funbox with filled Corners, Stairs and Grind Rail
  • Parking Grind Curb
  • L.A. High wall with brick texture
  • Manual Pad
  • Curved grind edge
  • Taco Grind Rail
  • Raked Grind Rail

All in all this was a city gathering at its best with a focus on our greatest asset,  our youth.

Be sure to checkout the BereaOnline Picture Story of the Park opening as well.

Story and Photos by Chad Hembree
Special Thanks to Rhonda McIntyre

Featured Berean – (BOL Archives 2002)

Most people hope that when they start work at the bottom of the ladder they will soon find their way to a career at the top. While serving the town of Berea, Chief of Police, Ray Brandenburg has done just so.

Brandenburg’s family moved to Berea when he was eight years old. Since then he has watched the town grow and progress over the years. When not at work, Brandenburg enjoys basketball, golf, and collecting Police patches. Part of his collection can be seen on the walls of the police station. He is married to Jane Brandenburg, the finance director at Silver Creek elementary school. Together they have two children Tammy Deboard, and Tina Carter. Continue reading Featured Berean – (BOL Archives 2002)

Berea Independence Day Celebration 2010

This year’s Independence Day celebration at the Berea Community Park was more fun than a Barrel-of-Monkeys. I cannot imagine a better place to take the family and celebrate the birth of our great nation. Oh sure, you could go to Independence Hall, Washington DC or a host of other historically sentimental locations, but what better represents the true culture and spirit of The United States of America than a small hometown celebration.

Damon Farmer, Daniel Boone
Damon Farmer, Daniel Boone

As has become the tradition, Berea native artist extraordinaire, Damon Farmer was on hand crafting another terrific sand sculpture. This year’s subject was the legendary Daniel Boone with his family and the final project was everything we have come to expect from Damon. Continue reading Berea Independence Day Celebration 2010

Old Town Almost Finished ( BOL Archives 2002)

It was a cool evening last fall when shop owners in Old Town Berea slowly gathered in the street chatting. Bell Jackson, executive director of Berea Tourism remembers, “As soon as it got dark several shop owners seemed to gather. We stood in the middle of the road just looking up and down the street. It was beautiful, and emotional.”

Ken Gastineau
Ken Gastineau

Construction started last spring on North Broadway, and the finishing touches to the road will be added within the next three weeks. Randy Stone, City Administrator, shares that after the pavement is finished there will be “cobblestone crosswalks” added to match the retaining wall at the top of the hill. Storeowners were warned to not expect much when construction started; the main purpose of the job was to provide better drainage for the street. Yet, new flowerbeds, light posts, sidewalks, and a hand laid stonewall were put in to place. The end result has pleased the storeowners and visitors to Old Town. Continue reading Old Town Almost Finished ( BOL Archives 2002)

Berea – Under Construction (BOL Archives 2002)

As most residents have noticed, summer is here and construction is underway. Berea is constantly changing and growing. While many of the projects currently underway are State affiliated, our City workers are still busy.

HWY 595
HWY 595

The main congestion due to construction will be state projects, both of the Berea I-75 exits (76 &77) and state road 595. Randy Stone, City Administrator, recognizes that 595 will probably be the greatest challenge to drivers this summer. Stone comments, “We have to ask for patience.” He knows that 595 is a busy road in Berea, but asks drivers to avoid when possible. By not traveling the road, both drivers and workers are safer, and workers are able to complete the task quicker. Stone is told that both of the I-75 exits and the 595 constructions should be completed by late August.

City based construction is also present this summer. There will be a Logston Lane extension; as well as an addition to the Intergenerational Center. The plans are currently in the making for the “Old Bonded lot Park,” located on the corner of Chestnut and Boone street. The Park is yet to be named, but construction will begin by fall. Continue reading Berea – Under Construction (BOL Archives 2002)