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TechTalk Episode 205 – CRASH!!!!

Yes, it can happen to anyone.  My notebook crashed hard and I lost everything that was not backed up which amounted to about two days work.

Here is the Audio I saved from the tiny WebCam mic running in the background when we recorded Episode 205.  It”s a good show presented as is and unedited.

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Listen to Episode 205

Berea Independence Day Celebration 2010

This year’s Independence Day celebration at the Berea Community Park was more fun than a Barrel-of-Monkeys. I cannot imagine a better place to take the family and celebrate the birth of our great nation. Oh sure, you could go to Independence Hall, Washington DC or a host of other historically sentimental locations, but what better represents the true culture and spirit of The United States of America than a small hometown celebration.

Damon Farmer, Daniel Boone
Damon Farmer, Daniel Boone

As has become the tradition, Berea native artist extraordinaire, Damon Farmer was on hand crafting another terrific sand sculpture. This year’s subject was the legendary Daniel Boone with his family and the final project was everything we have come to expect from Damon. Continue reading Berea Independence Day Celebration 2010

Berea Visited by Sister Region ( BOL Archives June 2002)

In May, Madison County was visited by a 17 member delegation from its sister region in Japan. This was yet another step in building stronger relations between Madison County and the Yatsugatake Region. The visit was organized and hosted by Madison Counties International Committee. Committee members include: Randy Osborne, Glen Jennings, Billy Ray Hughes, Norm Graves, Bill Connor, John Tummel, Vi Farmer, Roger M. Oliver and Jim Leake.

The sister region agreement between Madison County, Kentucky and the Yatsugatake Region in the Yamanashi Prefecture of Japan began in 1989 and has steadily grown ever since. This sister region relationship is an extension of the sister city agreement between Berea, Kentucky and Kiyosato, Japan established in 1988. To date, Madison County is the only county in Kentucky with a sister region in Japan. Continue reading Berea Visited by Sister Region ( BOL Archives June 2002)