Berea Police Report Sept. 2 to 11, 2010

September 02, 12:52 p.m. Theft by Unlawful Taking u/$500, Wal-mart, 120 Jill St. A purse left in a shopping cart had $277.00 and prescription drugs taken from it. The purse was turned into the service desk.

September 04, 8:00 a.m. Theft by Unlawful Taking o/$500, 1010 Paint Lick Rd. A laptop computer and digital camera, valued at $1,530.00, were taken from room.

September 05, 12:50 p.m. Theft by Unlawful Taking o/$500, 1784 Big Hill Rd. A catalytic converter, valued at $550.00, was taken from parked church van.

September 05, 2:54 p.m. Criminal Mischief 2nd Degree, 132 Cassius Ct. A storm door, window, and china cabinet were broken at the residence, damage estimated at $800.00.

September 06, 10:52 p.m. Theft by Unlawful Taking – Firearm, 117 Maple St. A 9mm handgun, valued at $300.00, and $550.00 in cash were taken from an unlocked vehicle at the residence.

September 07, 7:48 a.m. Burglary 2nd Degree, 207 Willow Dr. Hand power tools and an IPod, valued at $450.00, were taken from attached garage and parked vehicle.

September 07, 5:10 p.m. Arrested Robert L. Halcomb, 69 YOA, 202 Washington Ave. for 2 counts of Assault 4th Degree (Domestic Violence), Assault 3rd Degree (Police Officer), Resisting Arrest, and Terroristic Threatening 3rd Degree at 202 Washington Ave.

September 07, 8:00 p.m. Theft by Unlawful Taking o/$500, 111 Jason Circle . A GPS unit, IPod, digital camera, and other items, valued at $792.00, were taken from an unlocked vehicle at the residence.

September 09, 4:00 p.m. Theft by Unlawful Taking o/$500, 1056 Burnell Dr. A large fuel tank, valued at $800.00, was taken from residence yard.

September 09, 5:21 p.m. Arrested Larry Watson, 62 YOA, 120 Maple St. for Assault 2nd Degree at 120 Maple St .

September 10, 1:04 a.m. Arrested Lara H. Eusebio, 49 YOA, 32 Mary St . #2 for Alcohol Intoxication at 32 Mary St. #2 .

September 10, 1:45 p.m. Arrested Tawn S. Compton, 46 YOA, 123 Commerce Dr . #2 for Madison Co. warrant for Failure to Appear on Chestnut St.

September 11, 1:56 a.m. Arrested Kyria A. Reed, 19 YOA, 1041 Old Red Lick Rd. #2 for Operating Motor Vehicle under Influence of Alcohol/Drugs 1st Offense, No Operators License, and Failure of Non-Owner to Maintain Required Insurance on Chestnut St .

September 11, 4:00 p.m. Arrested Devon M. Branson, 27 YOA, Richmond for Public Intoxication in the Prince Royal Plaza .

September 11, 5:09 p.m. Arrested James D. Oakley, 28 YOA, London for Laurel Co. warrant for Failure to Appear on I-75 NB 79mm.

Remember that morning, remember everyone, remember September 11, 2001

This month is the nine year anniversary of the attack on America. We all remember where we were that tragic morning and will never forget the horrific images of that day. So please take a moment to remember the victims and their families.
There were a total of 2,996 deaths, including the 19 hijackers and 2,977 victims. The victims were distributed as follows: 246 on the four planes (Flights 11, 93, 77, & 175 from which there were no survivors), 2,606 in New York City in the towers and on the ground, and 125 at the Pentagon. All the deaths in the attacks were civilians except for 55 military personnel killed at the Pentagon.
A total of 411 emergency workers who responded to the scene died as they attempted to rescue people and fight fires. The New York City Fire Department (FDNY) lost 341 firefighters and 2 FDNY paramedics. The New York City Police Department lost 23 officers. The Port Authority Police Department lost 37 officers, and 8 additional EMTs and paramedics from private EMS units were killed. More than 90 countries lost citizens in the attacks on the World Trade Center.
Ground Zero Today
One World Trade Center, also known by its former name Freedom Tower, is the main building of the new World Trade Center complex in Lower Manhattan in New York City, New York. The tower will be located in the northwest corner of the 16-acre World Trade Center site bounded by Vesey, West, Washington and Fulton streets. Construction on below-ground utility relocations, footings, and foundations for the building began on April 27, 2006. On March 30, 2009, the Port Authority said that the building will be known as ””One World Trade Center””, replacing its former name ””Freedom Tower””. Upon completion, One World Trade Center will be the tallest building in the United States standing at a height of 1,776 feet.
Along with One World Trade Center, the new World Trade Center site will feature three other high-rise office buildings along Greenwich Street and the National September 11 Memorial & Museum. The construction is part of an effort to memorialize and rebuild after the original World Trade Center complex was destroyed during the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.
The Memorial
The Memorial will remember and honor the nearly three thousand people who died in the horrific attacks of February 26, 1993, and September 11, 2001. The Memorial will consist of two massive pools set within the footprints of the Twin Towers with the largest manmade waterfalls in the country cascading down their sides. They will be a powerful reminder of the Twin Towers and of the unprecedented loss of life from an attack on our soil.

The names of the nearly 3,000 individuals who were killed in the September 11 attacks in New York City, Pennsylvania, and at the Pentagon, and the February 1993 World Trade Center bombing will be inscribed around the edges of the Memorial pools.

The Memorial pools will each be nearly one-acre in size. The names of the victims will be inscribed on parapets surrounding the pools, within groupings that will allow for family members, friends, and co-workers who shared life’s journey and perished together to have their names listed side by side.

An eight-acre landscaped Memorial Plaza filled with nearly 400 trees will create a contemplative space separate from the sights and sounds of the surrounding city.

The Memorial design, created by architect Michael Arad and landscape architect Peter Walker, was selected from a design competition that included more than 5,200 entrants from 63 nations
The almost 3,000 names of the men, women, and children killed in the attacks of September 11, 2001 and February 26, 1993 will be inscribed on bronze parapets surrounding the twin Memorial pools.

The display of these names is the very heart of the Memorial. The design of the names parapet provides a direct relationship between the visitor, the names, and the water, allowing for a feeling of quiet reverence between the visitor and the Memorial.

Names will be stencil-cut into the parapets, allowing visitors to look through the names at the water, and to create paper impressions or rubbings of individual names. At night, light will shine up through the voids created by each letter.

Battle of Richmond Reenactment 8-29-10

The Battle of Richmond was the second largest Civil War battle in Kentucky, and it was one of the most decisive and complete Confederate victories of the entire war with the Union army retreating in disarray and chaos.
Of the 6,500 Union troops who went into battle, some 4,300 were taken prisoner and more than 1,000 were either killed or wounded. The Confederates, who were some 6,600 strong, lost only 128 men — 118 who were killed and 10 listed as missing in action.

Battle of Richmond 8-28-10

The Battle of Richmond was fought in three phases Aug. 29-30, 1862. Those phases were at Kingston, Duncannon Lane and in the Richmond Cemetery. Much of the Kingston phase and some of the Duncannon Lane phase retain battlefield integrity and are most worthy of preservation. The battle was the second largest Civil War battle in Kentucky and the most overwhelming Confederate victory of the entire Civil War.

TechTalk Episode 205 – CRASH!!!!

Yes, it can happen to anyone.  My notebook crashed hard and I lost everything that was not backed up which amounted to about two days work.

Here is the Audio I saved from the tiny WebCam mic running in the background when we recorded Episode 205.  It”s a good show presented as is and unedited.

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Listen to Episode 205

2011 Madison County Ag Expo a Huge Success

Ag Expo

The 2011 Madison County Ag Expo was a huge success this year with over 500 people in attendance enjoying free food, soil testing, educational displays, door prizes and demonstrations. Madison County Kentucky Farm Bureau was on hand demonstrating their In-Line Hay Wrapper which has many benefits for hay storage including virtually no wasted feed and hay will maintain full feed value for up to eighteen months. Also, the wrapped hay is an alternative to barn storage for reduced weathering loss. Brandon Sears of the Madison County Extension Office explained the process and the affordability of a farmer renting the hay wrapper versus purchasing one. You may call the Madison County Extension Office for complete details and Continue reading 2011 Madison County Ag Expo a Huge Success