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The Political happenings of Madison County, KY

Jennifer L. Webb Announces Madison County Circuit Court Clerk Campaign

Jennifer L. Webb

Offering a wealth of verifiable and unmatched experience, Jennifer L. Webb has announced her campaign for Madison County Circuit Court Clerk.

Built around her distinguished record of success, Webbʼs campaign seeks to bring a new level of professionalism and responsiveness to the Circuit Clerkʼs office during a time of unprecedented growth in Madison County.

Richmond, KY–January 30, 2012–Berea native and longtime judicial paralegal Jennifer L. Webb has announced her campaign for Madison County Circuit Court Clerk. Webb, who has served Madison County as a paralegal and Teen Court coordinator in the 25th Judicial District since 1995, feels her track record of success in current and past roles has prepared her well for public office. “Iʼm very excited to have the opportunity to run for Madison Circuit Court Clerk. My 16 years as Paralegal for the judges of the 25th Judicial Continue reading Jennifer L. Webb Announces Madison County Circuit Court Clerk Campaign

City of Berea Receives Grant

City of Berea

The City of Berea, in cooperation with the Kentucky Environmental Foundation and Sustainable Berea, Inc., has received a grant to develop a comprehensive Berea Energy Cost-Savings Plan (BECS) for the entire city, including households, businesses, and other institutions.

Benefits: There are several benefits in developing a comprehensive energy cost-savings plan for the city:

  1. The plan program saves energy and thereby saves money
  2. It improves public heath through decreased air pollution
  3. Improves the city’s economic attractiveness and creates green jobs
  4. Improves the city’s fiscal position
  5. Improves city fuel emergency preparedness

Plan: The plan is a five-step process beginning with an inventory of all community energy usage and all city government energy usage. This is Continue reading City of Berea Receives Grant

January 26th Last Day for Berea Citizens to Comment

Road Widens

Thursday January 26th is the deadline for public comment on the widening of Hwy 25 North (Ellipse Street to the new by-pass).

A public meeting was conducted on Thursday evening January 12 for the community as well as business and property owners to review the drawings for the construction project. If you would like to provide comments on the project, you will need to send a letter to: City of Berea, Attention: Randy Stone, City Administrator, 212 Chestnut Street, Berea, KY 40403. Please note the deadline for submissions is Thursday, January 26.

For more information, call Randy Stone at 986-8528.

Gatewood Galbraith Dies at 64

Gatewood Galbraith

Gatewood Galbraith was found unresponsive in his bed this morning by family members.
Galbraith had been having trouble for some time with congestion in his lungs and had been on medication for such. The coroners office listed the cause of death as complications from chronic emphysema, no autopsy will be preformed.
Galbraith had run for various offices in Kentucky throughout the years such as U.S. representative, the attorney general, and Governor this past November.
Galbraith leaves behind three children. Milward Funeral Home will be in charge of arrangements.