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The Political happenings of Madison County, KY

Richmond Planning and Zoning

The City Commission is doing the first reading of the Recreation and Landscape Manual today! We are excited for the new changes to our Development Ordinance. If you would like to see a copy of the Recreation and Landscape Manual please visit the link below.

A Message From the Madison County Chapter of the “Disconnectors

Valley View Ferry

Dear Editor,

If the proposed I-75 connector is built, property values in the area will decrease. Who wants to live near a busy highway? The construction and its adverse effects will force residents out. There will be no buyers, so landowners will suffer huge losses. If this becomes a reality, some will move out of state, taking valuable tax dollars with them.

There are many historical features that will be affected. One of the proposed routes would shut down the Valley View Ferry. Operational since 1785, it is the nation’s oldest year-round ferry service, and predates the Commonwealth Continue reading A Message From the Madison County Chapter of the “Disconnectors

Chandler and Beshear: No Friend of Coal

Robert New

On August fifteenth Gov. Beshear reported that a company in India has entered in to a $7 billion 25 year agreement to buy coal from Kentucky and West Virginia. Barrack Obama, supported by Ben Chandler and other democrats, has waged a war on coal through Cap and Trade and the EPA.

They claim everything from carbon emissions to water pollution from run off, to saving the mountains. President Obama even said he would bankrupt coal fired power plants, which is the one promise he made that he has kept. It isn’t ok for us to mine coal and provide thousands of jobs so we can have cheap energy, but it is ok for us to mine coal to sell to countries we already have a hard time Continue reading Chandler and Beshear: No Friend of Coal




As you are aware, we have had very little rain in the past month. Our supply of raw water is being reduced everyday. Compared to the month of April, our daily usage has increased by 500,000 gallons per day. Therefore, Berea Municipal Utilities is asking you to voluntarily reduce your use of water. Here are some suggestions for reducing your water usage.

The best time for watering is in the morning, so plants have a chance to dry before the cool of the evening, thus making them less susceptible to molds Continue reading BEREA MUNICIPAL UTILITIES ISSUES A Water Advisory

Richmond Planning and Zoning Meeting


There will be a Planning and Zoning Commission meeting held this Tuesday, June 19th, at 5:30pm in the Richmond City Hall Conference Room. This is a public hearing all are welcome to attend.

The agenda for the meeting:

1. Call Meeting to Order
2. Roll Call
3. May 24, 2012 Business Session Minutes
4. Commercial Building Permit Application for Hooters located at 241 Eastern Bypass; Zoned B-3
5. Development Plat for Yorick Place at Lancaster Ave & Barnes Mill
6. Development Plat for First Christian Church at 412 W. Main Street
7. Development Plat for Lancaster Road Church of God at 1246 Lancaster Road
8. Zoning Map Annexation for B.F. & O., Inc.; Property Located 360 Cycle Drive; Existing Zone Classification County UC-7; Proposed Zone Change I-2
9. Zoning Map Annexation for Riley Properties; Property Located 320 Boggs Lane; Existing Zone Classification County UC-7; Proposed Zone Change I-2
10. Director Report
11. Other Business
12. Adjournment

A Thank You from Jennifer L. Webb

Jennifer L Webb

Although I wasnt successful in my bid for Madison Circuit Court Clerk, I can tell you that the experience was a truly humbling one. Over the last few months, my family and friends have worked diligently to earn the support of Madison County voters. I have met so many new friends along the way. I love Madison County and its people and intend to remain active making this the greatest place to live. I will continue to stand up for what I believe in and what is best for the citizens of Madison County. I am forever grateful to my supporters. You are a great blessing to me and I cherish each of you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your love, encouragement and support. I look forward to seeing all of you again soon! — Jennifer L. Webb —