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Miscellaneous News concerning the Madison County, KY area.

Family Readiness Group Serves Breakfast to the 617th MP Unit.

Family Readiness Group members (FRG) “Rocks Renegade” serves breakfast as their fundraiser for the 617th MP Unit. The money raised will benefit a final event for the 617th MP Unit before deploying to Iraq in 2011. Anyone in the community interested in being a part of this group or would like to make a donation please contact Vanessa Parsons at 859-445-9427 or 859-499-3602.

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Distinguished Service Award.

Col Brian Rogers

   KY Welcome Home Celebration Committee Co-Chair Mike Boyd; presents, Col Brian Rogers, Blue Grass Army Depot Commander for his Depot”s Efforts in the 2010 KY Veterans Welcome Home Celebration.

   Personnel present in photo L to R – Lt Col Steve Young, Blue Grass Army Depot Deputy Commander; Marvin Bauer, VFW Post 7098 Commander; Mike Boyd, Welcome Home Committee Co-Chair; Col Brian Rogers, Blue Grass Army Depot Commander; Theresa Wilson, DAV Chapter 160 Adjutant/Treasurer; Burt Francis, Marine Corp League; and Gene Barnes, Madison County Veterans Committee Chairman.

Mercedes-Benz Recalls 85,000 Vehicles

Mercedes-Benz automaker has released a recall notice on its 2010 C-Class cars and the 2010-2011 E-Class coupe and cabriolet. The 85,000-vehicle recall is due to potential steering problems that could cause the driver to lose control of the car. The loss of steering may falter due to loss of power steering fluid. Those vehicles affected should be taken to their local Mercedes-Benz’s Dealerships for a free checkup later this October when the recall starts. For more information you should contact your local Mercedes-Benz Dealer.

Halloween’s Lucky 13 to Safety

Howard Baker, RN BSN
Howard Baker, RN BSN
The thought of Halloween fills my head with mysterious haint tales and russet leaves blowing across a path, with the eerie sights of carved pumpkins glowing in a mist of flickering light. Halloween is filled with ghosts and goblins running amuck in search of tricks and treats. The fall air fills with sounds of mischievous giggles and laughter as they mix with the smell of scorching pumpkins on a cool, crisp night. Ooh, the magic of Halloween! Suddenly, giggles and laughter cease when a child lies motionless on the cold, dark pavement—the result of an accident caused by a Halloween distraction. Had I only changed one thing—giggles and laughter would still fill the night.
Halloween safety is a must and we all play an important role in keeping ghosts and goblins safe. Use the Halloween Lucky 13 steps to a safer and happier Halloween:
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