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Miscellaneous News concerning the Madison County, KY area.

2011 Madison County Ag Expo a Huge Success

Ag Expo

The 2011 Madison County Ag Expo was a huge success this year with over 500 people in attendance enjoying free food, soil testing, educational displays, door prizes and demonstrations. Madison County Kentucky Farm Bureau was on hand demonstrating their In-Line Hay Wrapper which has many benefits for hay storage including virtually no wasted feed and hay will maintain full feed value for up to eighteen months. Also, the wrapped hay is an alternative to barn storage for reduced weathering loss. Brandon Sears of the Madison County Extension Office explained the process and the affordability of a farmer renting the hay wrapper versus purchasing one. You may call the Madison County Extension Office for complete details and Continue reading 2011 Madison County Ag Expo a Huge Success


Richmond, Ky. —  The Madison County Emergency Management Agency (EMA) received the announcement on Thursday from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) that Madison County has been added to the disaster declaration for July’s severe storms, flooding and mudslides.  Madison County is now eligible for both Individual Assistance and Public Assistance. Continue reading MADISON COUNTY ADDED TO KENTUCKY DISASTER DECLARATION

Cancer Myths

Several years ago through no independent decision of my own I found myself in what I thought would be the worst assignment of my nursing career-oncology.  I remember thinking to myself, caring for cancer patients would be very depressing and difficult.   However, what I found were some of the most rewarding and uplifting years of my career.  Throughout my nursing career I have cared for patients in all areas of the hospital, each with their own positive rewards.  I soon discovered caring for cancer patients was not filled with the doom and gloom as I once thought.  I found myself laughing and smiling more with my patients than ever before.  I found myself going to educational meetings, becoming active in professional organizations and writing newsletters to help spread my new found knowledge.  As fate would have it, a cancer patient helped me focus on higher education and encouraged me to start my current journey.

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Brenda Upton named Volunteer of the Year

After winning the coveted Miss Kentucky Crown the Berea/Richmond/Madison Co./Appalachian Area Pageant was also honored with the most prestigious award for non-pageant contestants. Bestowed upon it’s hard working director, Brenda Upton, the Volunteer of the year award speaks to the heart of the Miss America Pageant system of service before self.

Each year Brenda and her supportive family work countless hours to plan and execute the Berea Area Pageant. The Pageant is currently responsible for crowning four Miss Kentucky hopefuls and one Teen contestant, but Mrs. Upton’s work does not stop there.

After crowning the contestants Brenda then moves immediately into support and training mode where she works weekly with the girls to educate and prepare them for the coming pageant. From mock interviews and clothing tips to talent refinement and posture Brenda works day and night to personally provide or find the expertise needed to prepare her girls for the state pageant.

2010 has been monumental for the Pageant with three top eleven finalist, two top five finalist and the Miss Kentucky Crown itself. Miss America is serious business and for the Upton family, business is good.

If you would like to learn more about the Miss America system and the Miss Berea, Miss Richmond, Miss Madison Co. and Miss Appalachian Area Pageant you may contact Brenda at her business number 859-986-2331 or on the web at

Written by Chad Hembree
Creative Tech Media

Calming Information Chaos

It’s funny how childhood experiences play a part in who we become later in life. I grew up in a healthcare family. My mother is a nurse, and after school I can remember walking to the hospital to sit in my dad’s office and wait for him to get off work. I have probably had more holiday meals in a hospital than at home. So, it is no coincidence that hospitals generate a feeling of safety, security, and a sense of belonging to me. Another positive experience from my youth was one of my first jobs working in the public library. On days when I have spent more time in the hospital and the library than I have at home it is easy to see we are where we are because of what has gone into our minds and fed our dreams.

As a graduate student I spend a lot of time doing research. Having an invaluable resource such as a medical library is probably the biggest asset for success of any medical / nursing student. My home away from home is the Preston Medical Library located on the campus of the University of Tennessee Medical Center. With your first step into the Preston Medical Library, you are greeted by a team of friendly, competent, and eager to assist medical reference librarians.

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