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Pioneer story with unhappy ending

Jadon Gibson

The family of Samuel Davies resided in what is now Lincoln County, Kentucky in 1782. An Indian attacked him by surprise while he was working in the field. He got the better of the encounter and then raced to his cabin to make sure all was well.

As he neared the family dwelling something led him to be cautious. He concealed himself in a nearby field and soon learned that his wife and kids were in danger. There were several Indians in and around the cabin. Davies knew he couldn’t control the situation so he ran five miles to the station of his brother, James Davies, for help. One of the Indians who was somewhat older noticed him and gave chase but Davies had the greater incentive. The Indian stopped and returned to tell his fellow tribesmen. Continue reading Pioneer story with unhappy ending

First Lady Glenna Bevin Launches 2019 Kentucky Derby Poster Contest

Glenna Bevin

First Lady Glenna Bevin is excited to launch the 2019 Kentucky Derby Poster Contest for high school students in the Commonwealth.

Mrs. Bevin invites 9th-, 10th-, 11th-, and 12th-graders across Kentucky to create the official Governor’s Derby Poster, to be displayed in the State Capitol for years to come. The theme is: “What does Derby Day look like to you?”

“Matt and I are strong advocates of fostering creativity in the minds of our young people,” said First Lady Bevin. “We believe that it is very important to give students the chance to use their artistic skills for a greater cause. It empowers them and gives them confidence to share their own ideas.” Continue reading First Lady Glenna Bevin Launches 2019 Kentucky Derby Poster Contest

Daniel Trabue, conclusion

Jadon Gibson

In Daniel Trabue’s memoirs of his life written in 1827 he told about the oppression of religious freedom in early America. Several Baptist preachers were imprisoned but they continued to preach to large crowds gathered outside to hear them. Eventually the local people persuaded a majority of those on the court to give the imprisoned preachers their bounds. This was an area used for exercise in the courtyard of the jail.

The jailer offered Joseph Anthony and William Webber an opportunity to escape. Continue reading Daniel Trabue, conclusion

Public Health Hosts Tickborne Disease Prevention Poster Contest

The Department for Public Health (DPH) is inviting school-age children across the Commonwealth to create and submit original artwork for a chance to win cash prizes in a tickborne disease prevention poster contest sponsored by the Northern Kentucky Independent District Health Department.

“I am excited to announce this poster contest spotlighting tickborne disease because this is a serious health problem facing Kentucky families,” said Jeff Howard, M.D., commissioner of DPH. “I encourage all students to participate in this poster contest on tick bite prevention and I am looking forward to seeing how our students address this important topic creatively with their posters. I also would like to thank the Northern Kentucky Health Department for sponsoring this poster contest.”

Continue reading Public Health Hosts Tickborne Disease Prevention Poster Contest

Daniel Trabue, part 4 Imprisonment didn’t stop Baptists

Jadon Gibson

In Daniel Trabue’s writings he said he came to the conclusion that pastor John Waller was one of Christ’s ministers and was preaching the true doctrine. He was ten years old when he heard Waller preach in 1770.

“I immediately began praying to God to direct me,” Trabue later wrote in his memoirs.

It is Daniel Trabue’s writings of his life, a period which spanned the exploration, settlement and new statehood for Kentucky, that provided much of the material for this series of articles. Continue reading Daniel Trabue, part 4 Imprisonment didn’t stop Baptists

Quilt Show at Berea College


Laura Petrovich-Cheney is a sculptor whose work mirrors the human experience, so full of transformation, second chances, reinvention, and resilience. Her work finds meaning within experienced natural disasters and the debris that litters the affected communities. The once organized neighborhoods became Continue reading Quilt Show at Berea College