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Hot Weather Brings Business to Local Pool – (BOL Archives 2002)

In March, the trees and plants had already begun to bloom. By the second week in June, Berea was experiencing the hottest day recorded in the last two years. The weather alone provides a great reason to stop by the pool for a relaxing and refreshing afternoon.

The pool is not only used to escape the summer heat; pool parties, a full concession stand, and swim lessons are also available. Jennifer Renfroe, recreation director, states that most of July and August are already booked for pool parties, yet a few dates are still available. Swim lessons at the pool are currently in secession and will start again on July twentieth. Continue reading Hot Weather Brings Business to Local Pool – (BOL Archives 2002)

Featured Berean – (BOL Archives 2002)

Most people hope that when they start work at the bottom of the ladder they will soon find their way to a career at the top. While serving the town of Berea, Chief of Police, Ray Brandenburg has done just so.

Brandenburg’s family moved to Berea when he was eight years old. Since then he has watched the town grow and progress over the years. When not at work, Brandenburg enjoys basketball, golf, and collecting Police patches. Part of his collection can be seen on the walls of the police station. He is married to Jane Brandenburg, the finance director at Silver Creek elementary school. Together they have two children Tammy Deboard, and Tina Carter. Continue reading Featured Berean – (BOL Archives 2002)

Old Town Almost Finished ( BOL Archives 2002)

It was a cool evening last fall when shop owners in Old Town Berea slowly gathered in the street chatting. Bell Jackson, executive director of Berea Tourism remembers, “As soon as it got dark several shop owners seemed to gather. We stood in the middle of the road just looking up and down the street. It was beautiful, and emotional.”

Ken Gastineau
Ken Gastineau

Construction started last spring on North Broadway, and the finishing touches to the road will be added within the next three weeks. Randy Stone, City Administrator, shares that after the pavement is finished there will be “cobblestone crosswalks” added to match the retaining wall at the top of the hill. Storeowners were warned to not expect much when construction started; the main purpose of the job was to provide better drainage for the street. Yet, new flowerbeds, light posts, sidewalks, and a hand laid stonewall were put in to place. The end result has pleased the storeowners and visitors to Old Town. Continue reading Old Town Almost Finished ( BOL Archives 2002)

Boys & Girls Club – A Safe Place (BOL Archives 2002)

In 1999, plans started forming to provide a safe place for Madison County’s children to “hang out.” By April of 2001, the location was decided and a five-year lease was signed. The club opened in October of 2001 and in November of 2001 the Boys & Girls Club of America provided Madison County a charter certificate. Today, the Club has 782 members and a mission statement reading, “To inspire and enable all young people of Madison County, especially those from disadvantaged circumstances, to realize their full potential as productive, responsible and caring citizens.”

Boys & Girls Club Logo
Boys & Girls Club Logo

The center proudly displays the Boys & Girls Club sign outside, but nothing can prepare visitors for what is inside. A desk is located just inside the door to provide a check in station for the children and a pick up station for the parents. Beyond the desk is an enormous room full of bright colors, couches, toys, games, tables, and playful children. The area is basically one large room with doors on each wall. Every door leads to a special activity room. One room is for the youngest children to play, one for the youth, a reading lounge, computer center, an arts and crafts room, preteen corner, and an open room for “on the spot games.” The center of the room is full of video games, pool tables, board games, a small jungle gym, and a sound system to play music. Continue reading Boys & Girls Club – A Safe Place (BOL Archives 2002)

Featured Berean – Twins, Donald and Ronald Pennington (BOL Archives 2002)

Twins, Donald and Ronald Pennington, match the definition of compassionate, humble, and successful. Born in Lexington, Kentucky and now settled in Berea, they have been successful business partners since 1955.

In July of 1955, Ronald joined his brother in Berea after serving four years in the U.S. Air Force. They became business partners in that year, owning Pennington’s Department Store. The store was located at 422 Chestnut Street, where People’s Bank currently stands. The brothers owned and ran the store together until 1968.

While running the department store, they also opened Pennington Insurance Agency in 1959. After the department store closed, they opened Pennington Reality Company. Today, Pennington Insurance and Pennington Reality Company stand side by side in Berea. Continue reading Featured Berean – Twins, Donald and Ronald Pennington (BOL Archives 2002)

Berea – Under Construction (BOL Archives 2002)

As most residents have noticed, summer is here and construction is underway. Berea is constantly changing and growing. While many of the projects currently underway are State affiliated, our City workers are still busy.

HWY 595
HWY 595

The main congestion due to construction will be state projects, both of the Berea I-75 exits (76 &77) and state road 595. Randy Stone, City Administrator, recognizes that 595 will probably be the greatest challenge to drivers this summer. Stone comments, “We have to ask for patience.” He knows that 595 is a busy road in Berea, but asks drivers to avoid when possible. By not traveling the road, both drivers and workers are safer, and workers are able to complete the task quicker. Stone is told that both of the I-75 exits and the 595 constructions should be completed by late August.

City based construction is also present this summer. There will be a Logston Lane extension; as well as an addition to the Intergenerational Center. The plans are currently in the making for the “Old Bonded lot Park,” located on the corner of Chestnut and Boone street. The Park is yet to be named, but construction will begin by fall. Continue reading Berea – Under Construction (BOL Archives 2002)

Berea Visited by Sister Region ( BOL Archives June 2002)

In May, Madison County was visited by a 17 member delegation from its sister region in Japan. This was yet another step in building stronger relations between Madison County and the Yatsugatake Region. The visit was organized and hosted by Madison Counties International Committee. Committee members include: Randy Osborne, Glen Jennings, Billy Ray Hughes, Norm Graves, Bill Connor, John Tummel, Vi Farmer, Roger M. Oliver and Jim Leake.

The sister region agreement between Madison County, Kentucky and the Yatsugatake Region in the Yamanashi Prefecture of Japan began in 1989 and has steadily grown ever since. This sister region relationship is an extension of the sister city agreement between Berea, Kentucky and Kiyosato, Japan established in 1988. To date, Madison County is the only county in Kentucky with a sister region in Japan. Continue reading Berea Visited by Sister Region ( BOL Archives June 2002)