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Tolerance is a Two Way Street

Robert New

Oh that tricky first amendment and its protection of free speech. Some like to hide behind it when espousing their views, but will knock it down and trample over it to get to the front lines to protest those they disagree with.

Such is the case with those who support gay marriage vs. Dan Cathy and Chick-Fil-A. The problem with people protesting Chick-Fil-A is that at no time has there been complaints of the company discriminating against gay people. They hire them, they serve them, they treat everyone with the same respect regardless of race, sex, age, or sexual orientation. Not once in any of these protests have we heard of any type of discrimination.

It is a sad day when mayors of cities come out and want to kick a business out of their city because the owner of the business talked about his personal beliefs in an interview. When Rahm Emanuel, the former White House Chief of Staff for President Obama and now Mayor of Chicago, comes out and wants to kick Chick-Fil-A out of Chicago and threatens to not let them build any more franchises in the city he is showing the glaring hypocrisy that discredits Continue reading Tolerance is a Two Way Street

BereaOnline Welcomes Robert New as a Featured Writer

Robert New

Robert New “Bob” currently lives in Berea, Kentucky, a small town along the I-75 corridor. By day you more than likely will find him sitting behind a desk, designing heavy equipment. During the evening hours, you may find him discussing politics and campaign strategies, attending a board meeting for one of the non-profits he enjoys working with, consulting with small businesses, or occasionally raiding villages in World of Warcraft.

Online you have probably come across some of his work and not realized it in the form of one of the many websites hes helped design, or read his work on any of several blog sites or electronic magazines to which he contributes.

On the rare weekend he unplugs and disconnects from the cyber world, you may run into him browsing through the non-fiction aisles of a book store or enjoying a steak dinner or cup of coffee with friends.