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Jackson-Adams mudslinging campaign of 1828

Jadon Gibson

The campaign for president between Andrew Jackson and John Quincy Adams in 1828 was one of the most bitter in American history. Mudslinging was brought to a low art form.

It was a rematch of the 1824 election when Old Hickory won a majority of both the popular and electoral vote but other candidates got enough votes to send it to the House of Representatives. Henry Clay, the Speaker of the House, pushed the election in favor of John Quincy Adams. When Adams tabbed Clay as the new Secretary of State a few days later Jackson and others cried “foul,” calling it corrupt. Many say this was a watershed moment in the founding of the Democratic party.

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The Fourmile Mine Disaster, Part 6

Jadon Gibson

The mine at Fourmile was sealed and rescue attempts stopped because of deadly fire and gases in the Bell County, KY, mine after explosions on December 26, 1945. Responding to United Mine Workers Association pressure, public indignation and protests, authorities decided to unseal the Fourmile mine in August of 1948.

When the shaft was reopened a ventilation fan was installed to rid the mine of deadly gas. Recovery crews cleared debris and made paths. Passageways were timbered and stoppings were built. Continue reading The Fourmile Mine Disaster, Part 6