Berea Theater

The Games Afoot - The Spotlight Players
The Games Afoot – The Spotlight Players

The theatre is alive in Berea and there is ample opportunity to catch a show with multiple venues and production companies.

  1. The Spotlight Playhouse
  2. Berea College
  3. Rose Barn Theater
  4. Spotlight Acting School
  5. The Bluegrass Players
  6. The Spotlight Players
  7. Berea Arena Theater (Permanently Closed June 2019)

The Spotlight Playhouse1.The Spotlight Playhouse – Founded in 2004, Spotlight is celebrating its 15th season in Berea. In January 2018, a new Spotlight Playhouse was opened at 214 Richmond Rd. to excited audiences.

The 13,000 square foot modern facility hosts multiple performances spaces, handicap accessibility, an oversized lighted parking lot, a huge lobby, and a full concession area. The Playhouse is home to The Spotlight Acting School, The Bluegrass Players, and The Spotlight Players with a combined production of over 200 performances a year.

Berea College

2.Berea College – Berea has had a long history with drama, where the theatrical arts have been alive for over 125 years with the Berea College Theater Department.

Berea College has been able to maintain its Theater department consistently, but even it has seen hard times. Berea hosted the widely known and popular Wilderness Road Outdoor Drama two different times from 1955-1958 and 1972-1980, but each run ended due to financial difficulties.

Each season the Berea College Theater Department offers 3 to 4 quality shows open to the public. These shows range from the edgy and controversial to the classic and hilarious.  If you happen to be able to catch a show at the college, you will not be disappointed.

Rose Barn Theatre3.Rose Barn Theater – With a 25-year history of productions in Madison County the Rose Barn Community Theater group has been able to maintain a production schedule of 3 or 4 shows per year. This not-for-profit organization does not have a permanent home but utilizes several locations in the county to create entertaining and engaging shows.

4.Spotlight Acting School – This tuition-based performing arts school opened in 2004 and has maintained a goal to never turn a student away due to financial resources.  Tuition is kept very low and the school provides financial aid to those in need through its fundraising efforts.

An open audition is held for each production. The audition process is used as a measurement tool to track students progress in the program, but every single student that auditions, is cast.  Specific roles are granted through the audition process. The school has three different age groups that work on shows designed to be appropriately challenging and entertaining.

The Bluegrass Players5. The Bluegrass Players – This acting troupe is dedicated to providing top Broadway-quality productions at the Spotlight Playhouse. The monthly productions range from intriguing mysteries, hilarious comedies, engaging dramas, and even horror. Not all productions are recommended for young audiences, so be sure to read the directors notes on each production before bringing the family. For a completely unique experience be sure to see the Bluegrass Players original show, Dracula: The New World. Produced each season in October, this adventure takes place in Appalachia and puts a whole new twist on a well-known story.

6. The Spotlight Players – This group of talented actors prides themselves on clean, family-friendly entertainment. Rest assured that any production by the Spotlight Players will be entertaining for all ages. When not traveling to local schools to take theater to the kids, the Spotlight Players can be seen performing at the Spotlight Playhouse. Past productions include Shrek, Beauty and the Beast, Bye Bye Birdie, Charlotte’s Web, The Best Christmas Pageant Ever, and many more family favorites.


Berea Arena Theater7. Berea Arena Theater – This community theater successfully pumped out entertaining shows for 12 seasons.

The theater was located on HWY 21 east of Berea and near Indian Fort Mountain.  The theater was directed by Eddie Kennedy and his wife Norma. Kennedy is a name well acquainted with Berea’s rich history of theatre and Eddie has produced hundreds of plays in his career in addition to having several published original works.

The Berea Arena Theater offered year-round entertainment in the form of plays and concerts.  Some of the best-loved shows were the annual productions of A Christmas Carol, Berea’s Country Jamboree, and We Got Talent.