Berea Police Department traffic accident report for July 2019

The Berea Police Department reported responding to 42 traffic accidents during the month of July, according to their most recent numbers.

The number and locations of those traffic accidents were as follows: Six accidents each: Jill Street, I-75 South, Walnut Meadow Road. Five accidents: Richmond Road. Three accidents: Chestnut Street. Two accidents: Glades Road, Big Hill, Scaffold Cane. One accident: Adams Street, Peggy Flats Road, Pauline Drive, Paint Lick Road, Paint Lick, Mt. Vernon Road, McKinney Drive, Mayde Road, KY 1016, Kayla Drive.

Police report Jill Street, Walnut Meadow Road and I-75 South were the sites of the highest number of traffic accidents in Berea during the month of July. 

The Berea Police Department urges motorists to be extra cautious now that school is back in session.  Drive safely!

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