10th Berea Celtic Fest to be celebrated with new CD

It is now ten years ago, Berea Celtic Fest welcomed its first musicians for what has become a popular and significant gathering in this region. Over the years, singers , dancers and musicians and other good people from more than fifteen states and the British Isles have participated in valuable sessions, exciting presentations, educational and historical workshops and great concerts for the local people and visitors of all walks of life. 

To celebrate the ten years, a brand new CD has been released and it contains seventeen tunes donated by artists who have honored Berea Celtic Fest  with a visit.  This is really a wonderful album that includes John Skelton , who hails from London, England, Helen Gubbins, Vincent Fogarty/Beanie Odell, and Mai Hernon of Ireland, Turlach and Martin McCann of Northern Ireland, and Kentucky-based artists such as Skip Cleavinger, Rebecca Baumbach, Robert Tincher, Cloigheann, Liam’s Fancy and Set Course,  Four Leaf Peat and Russell Hopper of Knoxville, TN, Corner House of Columbia, SC, Randy Clepper of Ohio.  The CD is for sale at Robie Books, Kentucky Artisan Center and Berea College Shoppe. 

The festival committee strives to make the event a city-wide exhibition of traditional, authentic and grassroots Celtic music and most of the events are free to the public. That includes the sessions on Short Street, workshops at the folk center, presentations at the public librarym the Artisan Center and Robie Books. However, the public is always welcome to leave a donation. There is a charge for the gala concert at Union Church Saturday night. 

The event that is put on by The Folk Circle Association has been blessed with some very good and loyal local and regional partners, which is a key to its success. A program will be printed and distributed throughout town. A group of twenty volunteers are helping to make things go smoothly.

The 10th Berea Celtic Fest is scheduled for August 16-18, and updated info can be found on www.berea-celtic.com

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