Berea Fire Department public service statistics for April 2019

The Berea Fire Department had a total of 62 calls in the month of April, including responses to strong storms that downed powerlines in the city. In addition, the department tested 365 fire hydrants, completed of 250 hours of training in categories like ventilation, forcible entry, driver’s training, pump operation, and water supply.

A Girl Scout troop and a group of Berea Community Elementary School students were welcomed to Station 1 for tours.

Calls included the following categories:

Fires: 8

Rescue & emergency medical service: 11

Motor vehicle accident with injuries: 7

Motor vehicle accident without injuries: 2

Service call: 11

Powerline down: 7

False alarm or false call: 10

Assist police or other governmental agency: 4

See the complete list of service calls: Berea Fire Department April 2019

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