Richmond Raceway News

105 Race Cars and 1500 people on the grounds for the 53rd Annual Season Opener presented by Valvoline at Richmond Raceway as they set the stage for their 53rd season with 6 classes in action.

Sonic Super Late Model $2000 to Win Results: 16 Super Late Model entries Qualifying Finish:

1)Brandon Fouts
2)Justin Ratliff
3)Jackie Boggs
4)Derek Fisher
5)Todd Coffman
6)Connor Meade
7)Robbie Lewis
8)Kirk Phillips
9)Jason Barrett
10)Donnie Everman
11) Shawn Martin
12) Jerry Denson
13) Joe Mayabb
14) Levi Ashby (DNS)
15) Mike Simpson (DNS)
16) Josh Hall (DNS)

Heat One Finish:
1)Robbie Lewis
2)Connor Meade
3)Kirk Phillips
4)Jason Barrett
5)Donnie Everman
6)Josh Hall
7)Shawn Martin
8)Jerry Denson
9)Joe Mayabb
10)Mike Simpson
11)Levi Ashby (DNS)
12)Derek Fisher (DNS)

Top 4 Redraw:
Brandon Fouts (1)
Jackie Boggs (2)
Todd Coffman (3)
Justin Ratliff (4)

A Main Finish:
1)Justin Ratliff
2)Brandon Fouts
3)Connor Meade
4)Todd Coffman
5)Kirk Phillips
6)Robbie Lewis
7)Jason Barrett
8)Josh Hall
9)Donnie Everman
10)Shawn Martin
11)Mike Simpson
12)Jerry Denson
13)Joe Mayabb
14)Jackie Boggs
15)Derek Fisher (DNS)
16)Levi Ashby (DNS)

Eagle Financial UMP Modified $1200 to Win Results: 20 UMP Modified entries Qualifying Finish:
1)Jimmy Robinson
2)Jimmy Crabtree
3)Michael Paul Howard
4)Cody Smith
5)Dustin Golden
6)Dennis Roberson
7)Zach Powers
8)Russ Gabbert
9)Keith Smith
10)Daryl Herbert
11)Josh Hampton
12)John Jackson
13)David Webb
14)Cody Hunley
15)Glen Hounshell JR
16)Chase Hunley
17)Oscar Marshall
18)Brian Nantz
19)Logan Kirkman
20)Wayne Helton

Heat One Finish:
1)Zach Powers
2)Dustin Golden
3)Keith Smith
4)David Webb
5)Oscar Marshall
6)Glen Hounshell JR
7)Josh Hampton
8)Logan Kirkman (DNS)

Heat Two Finish:
1)Russ Gabbert
2)Dennis Roberson
3)John Jackson
4)Daryl Herbert
5)Chase Hunley
6)Cody Hunley
7)Wayne Helton
8)Brian Nantz

Top 4 Redraw: Jimmy Robinson (1) Jimmy Crabtree (4) Michael Paul Howard (2) Cody Smith (3)

A Main Finish:
1)Michael Paul Howard
2)Jimmy Crabtree
3)Jimmy Robinson
4)Dennis Roberson
5)Cody Smith’
6)Dustin Golden
7)Zach Powers
8)Keith Smith
9)Logan Kirkman
10)David Webb
11)John Jackson
12)Oscar Marshall
13)Brian Nantz
14)Wayne Helton
15)Glen Hounshell JR
16)Cody Hunley
17)Russ Gabbert
18)Daryl Herbert
19)Chase Hunley
20)Josh Hampton

Realty World Trifecta Pro Late Model $1000 to Win Results: 16 Pro Crate Late Model entries Qualifying Results:
1)Elliott Despain
2)Dustin Golden
3)Derrick Meadors
4)Jeff Watson
5)AJ Hicks
6)Wesley Brummett
7)Dalton Brown
8)Dustin Cordier
9)CJ Ruble
10)Chris Ruble
11)Derek Bottoms
12)Elliot Williams
13)Gary Yeager
14)Terry Cheeks
15)Cory Ferguson
16)Edward Pace

Top 4 Redraw: Elliott Despain (3) Dustin Golden (4) Derrick Meadors (1) Jeff Watson (2)

A Main Finish:
1)Jeff Watson
2)Elliott Despain
3)Wesley Brummett
4)Dustin Golden
5)Elliott Williams
6)CJ Ruble
7)Gary Yeager
8)Dalton Brown
9)Derrick Meadors
10)Terry Cheeks
11)Derek Bottoms
12)Edward Pace
13)Dustin Cordier
14)AJ Hicks
15)Chris Ruble
16)Cory Ferguson

ARBodies KDRA Super Stock $750 to Win Results: 16 KDRA Super Stock entries Qualifying Results:
1)Tyler Collis
2)Logan Preston
3)Nate Mullins
4)Bryson Patton
5)Matthew King
6)Travis Preston
7)Greg Hensley
8)Chad Barrett
9)Bartley Grant
10)Randy Jones
11)Robby Perkins
12)Allen Hackworth
13)Jim Preston
14)Jimmy Bailey
15)Darrell Cain
16)Lonnie Centers (DNS)

Top 4 Redraw: Tyler Collis (4) Logan Preston (1) Nate Mullins (3) Bryson Patton (2)

A Main Finish:
1)Tyler Collis
2)Bryson Patton
3)Robby Perkins
4)Bartley Grant
5)Chad Barrett
6)Matthew King
7)Jim Preston
8)Jimmy Bailey
9)Nate Mullins
10)Randy Jones
11)Logan Preston
12)Travis Preston
13)Greg Hensley
14)Allen Hackworth (DNS)
15)Darrell Cain (DNS)
16)Lonnie Centers (DNS)

Bubba’s Towing Sport Mod $600 to Win Results: 10 Sport Mod entries Qualifying Results:
1)Brandon Gibson JR
2)Jared Robinson
3)Brian Sammons SR
4)Greg Bentley
5)PJ Lemaster
6)Chris Shelton
7)Garet McCloud
8)Justin Masters
9)Justin Mullins
10)Daniel Webb

Top 4 Redraw: Brandon Gibson JR (3) Jared Robinson (1) Brian Sammons SR (4) Greg Bentley (2)

A Main Finish:
1)Brandon Gibson JR
2)Daniel Webb
3)Garet McCloud
4)Justin Masters
5)PJ Lemaster
6)Jared Robinson
7)Justin Mullins
8)Greg Bentley
9)Brian Sammons SR
10)Chris Shelton

Cohen Recycling 4 Cylinder $500 to Win Results: 25 4 Cylinder entries Qualifying Results:
1)Brandon Creech
2)Eddie Stewart
3)Tyler Hayes
4)Jason Sizemore
5)Gunner Johnson
6)Tim Coffey
7)Darren Allen
8)Jake Lutes
9)Cody Spence
10)Bo Morris
11)Clint Cox
12)Trace Wilson
13)Michael Crawford
14)Brandon Fugate
15)Joseph Whalen
16)David Lucas
17)Tyler Cundiff
18)Brandon Cundiff
19)Allen Hackworth
20)Devin Smith
21)Zac Karr (DNS)
22)Ryan Jones (DNS)
23)Devin Wilson (DNS)
24)Chris Wells (DNS)
25)Brandon Henson (DNS)

B Main Results (Top 4 Transfer):
1)Brandon Henson
2)Devin Smith
3)Chris Wells
4)Devin Wilson
5)Allen Hackworth
6)David Lucas
7)Tyler Cundiff
8)Brandon Cundiff
9)Ryan Jones
10)Zac Karr (DNS)

Top 4 Redraw: Brandon Creech (2) Eddie Stewart (1) Tyler Hayes (3) Jason Sizemore (4)

A Main Results:
1)Tyler Hayes
2)Brandon Creech
3)Jason Sizemore
4)Gunner Johnson
5)Allen Hackworth
6)Cody Spence
7)Jake Lutes
8)Clint Cox
9)Devin Wilson
10)Chris Wells
11)Bo Morris
12)Devin Smith
13)Eddie Stewart
14)Brandon Fugate
15)Joseph Whalen
16)Darren Allen
17)Trace Wilson
18)Brandon Henson
19)Michael Crawford

Richmond Raceway will be back in action Saturday April 13th with The Autism Awareness Night. A special event tshirt, designed by 2 Eight Designs of Richmond will be available for $20, with $5 from each shirt sold going to the National Autism Association.

Grandstands will open at 3pm adults $15, children 12 and under FREE, action at 5pm.

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