New jobs coming as Mayor Fraley announces Hyster-Yale expansion

During Tuesday’s meeting of the Berea City Council, Mayor Bruce Fraley announced plans by Hyster-Yale to expand their manufacturing operation by 30 percent. The expansion will mean the addition of jobs, though the precise number has yet to be announced. During the Mayor’s Comments section of Tuesday’s agenda, Fraley stated:

“Today I am pleased to announce that the Hyster-Yale facility in Berea is expanding! As Hyster-Yale continues to grow their global market share, and material handling strategies, they are expanding to optimize material flow and reduce manufacturing costs.

The expansion of the plant will be on the southeast parcel of land, next to the plant, along Menelaus Road on property being acquired by the Berea Industrial Authority. Construction is expected to begin in the third quarter of this year, but you will see construction equipment on site as prep work commences.

Hyster-Yale officials have advised us that they are adding 160,000 square feet to the facility, which will increase the plant’s size by approximately 30%.

Hyster-Yale’s capital investment in our city is significant, and the decision to expand in Berea demonstrates faith in the Berea plant, the plant’s employees, and the City of Berea.

More information will be shared by Hyster-Yale management and the Berea Industrial Authority in the coming weeks.”

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