Mayoral proclamation: April is Autism Awareness Month in Berea

Berea Mayor Bruce Fraley (left) signed a proclamation recognizing April 2019 as Autism Awareness Month in Berea. Representing Madison Southern High School was Lisa Johnson (second from left), and Darla Colgrove, Chloe Carpenter, Gabby Harris, Susie Harris, and Darryl Hill, all from Berea Community Elementary.

On Tuesday night, Berea Mayor Bruce Fraley signed a proclamation commemorating April as Autism Awareness Month in Berea. He was joined by representatives of both Berea independent and Madison County schools. The proclamation stated:

“WHEREAS, Autism Spectrum Disorders are the fastest-growing developmental disability in the United States, affecting 1 in 68 births and 3.5 million Americans, and affecting the social, communication and behavioral skills of those with autism,

WHEREAS, there is currently no identified cause or cure for autism, and it is known that with proper education, training, and community support, individuals with autism can lead happy productive lives and strive to reach their fullest potential, WHEREAS, autism has implications for the entire family of the diagnosed individual, and individuals with autism often require specialized and broad based community support to ensure their health and safety and to support their families’ efforts to educate all community members about the disorder,

WHEREAS, organizations like Autism Speaks Kentucky and the Office of Autism within the Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services have dedicated resources in the ongoing efforts to advocate for the rights, treatment, and education for all persons with autism,

WHEREAS, autism requires support and dedication to find a cure, and increased recognition and understanding of autism are necessary to ensure that individuals are accurately diagnosed and appropriately treated throughout their lives.

NOW, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that I, Bruce Fraley, Mayor of Berea, Kentucky, do hereby proclaim April 2019 as National Autism Awareness Month in the City of Berea and urge all Bereans to become better educated about autism and create a better community for individuals with autism.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Mayor and City Council of Berea, Kentucky, recognize students, faculty and staff of Madison Southern High School and Berea Community School providing information and support for those who have had their lives affected by Autism Spectrum Disorder.”

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