Berea Police Department public service in March


The Berea Police Department responded to 1,367 service calls for the month of March, 2019. Additionally, two officers attended 80 hours of in-service training, the department hosted the second Coffee with a Cop public outreach event, which was well-attended, and two new police officers were formally introduced to the Berea City Council.

Service calls for March included:

Total Crimes: 23

Total Vehicle Collisions: 38

Total Citations: 208

Total Courtesy Calls: 48

Total Call Response (non-emergency, minor incident): 35

Total JC3 (domestic incident/abuse): 5

Total Crisis (mental health related incident): 2

Takeaways: The number of crimes, collisions and citations issued edged up in March. Courtesy calls were up, the number of domestic incident/abuse cases remained the same, and there was one crisis call more in March than in February.

See a full breakdown – Berea Police Department Public Service Statistics March 2019

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