Feb. 2019 accident statistics from the Berea Police Department.

The Berea Police Department reported fewer accidents in February than in March, but Richmond Road still had the highest number of wrecks. Additionally, shoppers may want to be especially careful since seven vehicle accidents occurred close to I-75 exit 76 near major retailers and restaurants in town (Brenwood Street, Jill Street, McKinney Drive). Vehicle accidents were as follows:

Richmond Road: 4
KY Highway 1016: 3
Jill Drive: 3
Brenwood Street: 3
Chestnut Street: 2
Glades Road: 2
I-75 S: 2
Prospect Street: 2
Prince Royal Drive: 2
Main Street: 2

Several streets were listed as having only one (1) auto accident, including:

Scaffold Cane Road, Jackson Street, McKinney Drive, and Mayde Road. Additionally, there were two accidents near the I-75 exit 77 N off ramp – one leading to KY 595 S and the other to KY 595 N.

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