New digital archives made available to the public

John Payne

Local historians and genealogists have a new resource at their disposal, according to Berea City Council member John Payne. Payne, who is also support service manager at Madison County Public Library, announced he recently finished digitizing Berea City Council minutes from 1908 to 1925, making them available to the public. But Payne said that may just be the start.

“The 1908-1925 council minutes represent a single volume. As time permits, I hope to increase our digital holdings. This document required page-by-page scanning and the use of a computer program to make the digital document text searchable,” Payne said.

“Thanks to faster processors, improvements in equipment, and more reliable programs, we are able to archive digitally more easily. With only modest staff time, volumes of our communities’ histories can be made available anywhere in the world at the click of a mouse. I have been glad for the opportunity to grow this collection,” Payne added. Access to the resource is free.

So far, Madison County Library has also digitized county marriage indexes, government minutes, cemetery data, and, through partnership with local newspapers, more than a decade of current events chronicled through the Berea Citizen and Mt. Vernon Signal, Payne noted.

The library’s current digital archive can be found at
or by going to and clicking the genealogy link at the top right of the page.

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