Berea Police Chief Gregory: Drug fatalities equal daily 747 crash

Chief David Gregory

Berea Police Department Chief David Gregory cited a startling analogy during a panel discussion for the Agency for Substance Abuse Policy (ASAP) Madison County. The meeting took place Wednesday at the Madison County Extension Center. Noting a recent speech by the U.S. Surgeon General, Gregory said the amount deaths caused by the drug abuse epidemic roughly approximates the number of fatalities from the crash of a full 747 passenger plane – on a daily basis.

Gregory also noted the Berea Police Department is implementing a number of initiatives to fight the drug epidemic in Berea, including the hiring of a social worker who can guide drug abusers to treatment for their illness. Both Berea Mayor Bruce Fraley and Richmond Mayor Robert Blythe attended the seminar. Gregory is pictured with Madison County District Court Judge Charles W. Hardin. Read more about Chief Gregory’s presentation and the seminar in Wednesday’s Berea Citizen.

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