The Power of Women to Change the World

It is often easy to feel small and insignificant in this fast paced world. But ordinary women, every day, are making a difference. In this regard, it is helpful to remember this: it only takes one candle to light a whole room of darkness.

Today’s women have the power to change our world through our families, our work, and our communities. Women have unique qualities and strengths that contribute to them being great leaders in business and in families, even great leaders in the world. The skills, attributes, and talents that women can offer are tremendous.

Many feel that a woman’s power actually lies in her softer side. For many years, women in the workplace were told they had to be tough, aggressive, and viciously competitive to get ahead. Visionary women, however, have helped shift that landscape, showing us new models of leadership that include natural feminine qualities such as softness, kindness, and giving. Women are starting to be more comfortable and accepted showing up as themselves, which is bringing much needed balance to the workplace for men and women.

No one, however, should ever underestimate the power of that softer side. Witnessing a mama bear protecting her cubs should relieve anyone of that idea. Just as these feminine qualities are necessary for nurturing and protecting children, they prove valuable for nurturing businesses so that they can grow and evolve, impacting people in far greater ways than profit alone.

When a woman uses her power with grace, it can lead the way towards her dreams and aspirations. Using it generously through treating others with goodness and kindness can light the candle that just might change the world.

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