Press Release: Mario’s Pizza – Berea, KY

January 11, 2019, Berea – Mario’s Pizza was informed on January 8th that a non-kitchen staff member tested positive for Hepatitis A.  Hepatitis A is typically transmitted in restaurants from food handlers that do not properly wash their hands.  The chances of someone contracting the virus from a non-kitchen staff member is very low, but Mario’s wants to be transparent about the incident.

The infected employee was released from service and all current staff members have been vaccinated for Hepatitis A. The Madison County Health Department has been extremely helpful with the handling of this incident and will continue to work with Mario’s to ensure a safe eating environment.  A post-incident inspection, January 9th, awarded Mario’s a score of 95%.

All future staff members, including non-kitchen staff, will be vaccinated upon employment to avoid any future incidents.  Owners Jimmy and Brenda Upton thank you for your support of this family-owned, local icon, that has been serving the Berea community for over 40 years and are available to answer questions about Mario’s Pizza.  Madison County Health Department Officials April Whitaker and Sabrina Hall are also available to answer any question concerning this incident.

Mario’s Pizza 859-986-2331

April Whitaker, EPI Nurse 859-626-4265

Sabrina Hall 859-626-4234

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