Third Annual Food Drive

Richmond Police Dpt.

The Richmond Police Department in partnership with Walmart in Richmond will be conducting its 3rd annual food drive. We have a Richmond Police cruiser parked outside Walmart that is ready to stock full of food that is purchased and donated by our community to help others. All proceeds will go to God’s Outreach to help those in need. We will be running the food drive through the remainder of the holiday season and fill our cruiser with as much food as it will hold. When it is full, we will unload it into a truck and then hopefully fill it up again. To help, go to Walmart in Richmond and drop off any non-perishable goods in the bin located at the front of the grocery entrance, and we will do the rest!

As always, we want to thank our community for their great support and we look forward to changing lives and helping others.

Happy Holidays from the Richmond Police Department.

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