In a world being overrun by fast-food chains and caffeine, it’s nice to find a healthy alternative tucked away on Berea College’s campus. Smoothies on the Square is located within the Visitor Center & Shoppe on Main Street in Berea. Featuring a selection of fresh fruit and vegetable smoothies, cold-pressed juice, and hand-crafted, small batch soda, Smoothies on the Square is your only stop for your favorite fruit and veggie drinks.

Out with the old, in with the new!
The smoothie bar was the brainchild of Susan Buckmaster, the Director of Berea College Retail Sales. When the jewelry counter became obsolete, Susan decided to try something new. Exploring a variety of flavors and fresh ingredients like pineapple, blueberry, avocado, and kale, the Smoothie Bar offers a variety of options for even the pickiest smoothie drinker!

Smoothies on the Square also offers a variety of sodas, each hand-crafted and locally made by Beaker Boy’s Sodas out of Lexington, Kentucky. If the soda isn’t enticing enough, you can add ice cream to it and make it a float! If you just want something healthy and simple, try the cold-pressed juice! New and seasonal flavors will be added, so remember to check back often!

Sustainable Smoothies!
A huge problem sweeping the world is the amount of plastic trash swimming in our oceans, and in particular, straws. Smoothies on the Square has found some interesting solutions. They offer two straw alternatives: paper and pasta. Yes, you read that correctly. Pasta. Plastic cannot be totally avoided however, since many customers like take-away cups. The best alternative? Compostable take-away cups! As much as these steps are helping to create a sustainable smoothie bar, they don’t stop there. They also compost all of their food-waste! Smoothies on the Square is aiming to be 100% landfill-free!

So what are you waiting for? Go check out Smoothies on the Square, and walk away with a cup of healthy!

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