Richmond Raceway News 10-2-2018

Picture is the winner Zack Dohm and the Lupinos family, the “Damn Yankees”.

Fastrak Pro Late Model $5,000 to win “The Damn Yankees 50” Results:
39 Fastrak Pro Late Models entered to win $5,000 at Richmond Raceway Saturday Night. Qualifying was split into two groups, group one saw overall quick timer Zack Dohm put down a lap of 15.637. Travis Pennington qualified 2nd in group one with, Derek Fisher 3rd, Logan Roberson 4th, Brandon Umberger 5th, Wesley Brummett 6th, Dustin Golden 7th, Brad Rickles 8th, Ross White 9th, and Elliott Despain 10th of the 18 car group. Group two saw AJ Hicks time in 1st with a lap of 15.708 (2nd quick overall) Josh Dietz timed in 2nd, Michael Courtney 3rd, Jordan Hedger 4th, Jeremy Hines 5th, Jeff Watson 6th, Connor Meade 7th, Benji Hicks 8th, Chad Stapleton 9th, and Grant Garrison rounding out the top 10 of the group of 20. Four heats were next on tap for the Fastrak Pro Late Models, 10 laps would be the distance top four would transfer to the A Main with fifth on back going to the B Main races. Heat One saw Zack Dohm obliterate the field beating 2nd place finisher Derek Fisher by 3.399 seconds, Brandon Umberger 3rd, and Ross White taking the final transfer spot. Heat two saw a much better battle as AJ Hicks and Michael Courtney battled it out for the win, Hicks would hold off Courtney by 0.794 seconds as Courtney came in 2nd, Connor Meade would come in 3rd, with Josh Henry picking up the 4th and final transfer spot. Logan “Thugg Nasty” Roberson would put up the biggest win of the night in heat race 3 as he beat 2nd place finisher Travis Pennington by a whopping 4.380 seconds, Brad Rickles would run 3rd, with Wesley Brummet 4th in the final transfer spot. The fourth and final heat race came down to the line as Josh Dietz and Jordan Hedger battled side by side most of the 10 lap race. Dietz would end up winning by a close margin of 0.351 seconds over Jordan Hedger, Benji Hicks came in 3rd, and Jeff Watson taking the final transfer spot in 4th. Two B Mains taking 4 drivers each to the A would be next for the Pro Late Model drivers. B Main one saw Cody Sasher take the win and transfer to the A Main, Elliot Despain would come in 2nd, Tim Tungate 3rd, and Jacob Curnette came in 4th picking up the B Main one final transfer spot. B Main two would put the last 4 drivers into the A Main and shape the 24 car field. Austin Burns would take the win in the second B Main moving to the A feature, Jeremy Hines 2nd, Greg Johnson 3rd, and Dalton Brown picking up the 4th and final transfer spot. The 24 car field is now set, 50 laps $5,000 to win who will come out on top. The front row featured pole sitter Zack Dohm and AJ Hicks to his outside as they paced the field to the green flag to kick off the inaugural Damn Yankees 50 Main Event. Zack Dohm got off to a fast start taking lap one as AJ Hicks battled with Josh Dietz, Logan Roberson, and Derek Fisher. The battle for 2nd place could be thrown under a blanket for the first few laps as Logan Roberson moved by Hicks for 2nd and set his sights on Zack Dohm. Multi time Super Late Model feature winner at the Richmond Raceway this year Derek Fisher took the third spot and tried to track down the two front runners. As Logan Roberson moved his sights higher on the race track he tried to make gains on the 25 machine of Dohm. As this battle intensified Fisher began to close in, right as this battle got intense a caution flag would wave. As the field reset the battle for the lead would be the place to watch as it had been a crazy battle right before the caution. The green flag would wave and Zack Dohm immediately got back to the point, obviously have a good early run car. Fisher and Roberson were side by side for 2nd for a few laps before the young gun in the 17 machine got back into a comfy 2nd place position. As the run continued Logan Roberson began to catch back up to Dohm, as this battle began to get good again people noticed Jeff Watson coming from the 16th spot up to 7th and still coming. As the race got down into the final ten laps Zack Dohm began to get into the lap traffic and Logan “Thugg Nasty” Roberson was coming quick. Derek Fisher was solidly in third but couldn’t seem to keep up with the front two any longer. As the white flag waved Logan Roberson was there and looking to the outside of Zack Dohm. It would all come down to this as Roberson tried to split Dohm and a lap car for the lead, Roberson would think better of that move and back out of it and Dohm would take the win. The Fastrak Pro Late Models put on a show in their inaugural event in the Bluegrass State. Zack Dohm picked up the win, Logan Roberson 2nd, Derek Fisher 3rd, Jeff Watson 16th to 4th, Connor Meade 10th to 5th, Brandon Umberger 6th, Jordan hedger 7th, Travis Pennington 8th, Jeremy Hines 20th to 9th, Tim Tungate 21st to 10th, Brad Rickles 11th, Greg Johnson 22nd to 12th, Ross White 13th, AJ Hicks 14th, Austin Burns 15th, Jacob Curnutte 16th, Josh Henry 17th, Wesley Brummett 18th, Elliott Despain 19th, Cody Sasher 20th, Benji Hicks 21st, Michael Courtney 22nd, Josh Dietz 23rd, and Dalton Brown 24th.

Fastrak Pro Late Model $5,000 Winner: Zack Dohm
Gutter Guy Modified $1,000 Winner: Clayton Miller
ARBodies KDRA Super Stock $750 Winner: Logan Preston
Baker Iron and Metal 4 Cylinder $500 Winner: Allen Hackworth

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