Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

The job of Madison Circuit Court should not be about politics. It should be about the best person for the job.

My support goes to Allee Combs Whicker for Circuit Court Clerk of Madison County. Here’s why…

The Clerk helps all residents in the county. The clerk is prohibited in practicing law or giving legal advice. The clerk should be someone who knows the job, has passed the clerks test multiple times without failures and who has actually worked all the jobs in the office. Allee has done so.

Allee is the right person for Circuit Clerk in Madison County.

Not only does she have 15 years experience she learned and worked under the guidance of two different Circuit clerks.
Her work ethics were excellent to the point she was appointed chief deputy by both clerks and then handpicked by the Chief Circuit Judge who appointed Allee as Circuit Clerk after I retired.

Because Allee is the right person for the job, I ask for your support and vote in November for Allee Combs Whicker as your Circuit court clerk.


Darlene G Snyder

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