Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

I am a retired Lieutenant Colonel of the US Army and a combat veteran Key word there is veteran.

I fully support Congressman Andy Barr not only for all the great things he has done for the sixth district of Kentucky but especially for us veterans.

Congressman Barr’s efforts to support vets has been impressive indeed. He was instrumental in assuring passage of HR 5895 Military Construction and Veterans Appropriations Bill. This legislation provided for many vets benefits which include 85.3 billion USD for veteran’s services programs. This legislation will provide nearly 7 million vets a wide variety of medical treatments.

And if there exists a backlog to health care, vets can now seek the physician of their choice. This is a magnificent expenditure of taxpayers dollars and driven to completion by Congressman Barr.

He is our fighter in the ring and we must keep him there. My veteran vote is for Andy Barr this November Join me, fellow vets.

Bob Kovacic
LTC US Army (ret)
Lexington, KY

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