Berea Pro-Life Community Opposes Planned Parenthood in Berea

Planned Parenthood will be discussing advances in telemedicine, access to birth control, opportunities for starting a local chapter, and other organizational issues. Bereans for Life, Berea College’s Students for Life group, and community members will be holding a peaceful protest outside of Union Church in order to give information about why they oppose Planned Parenthood.

Bereans for Life and community members stand against Planned Parenthood because they know it will only cause harm to their community. Women have plenty of healthcare options with White House Clinic, Madison County Health Department, Women Care Center, Pregnancy Help Center, etc. Berea doesn’t need Planned Parenthood.

Carter Heller, president of Bereans for Life said, “We don’t need a Planned Parenthood in our community. There are many more, higher-quality health care centers that provide care but do not take taxpayer money and end innocent human life.”

Date and Time of Protest: Sunday, October 28, 2019 3-5 PM
Location: 200 Prospect St., Berea, KY
Contact: Ms. Carter Heller, Bereans for Life President
(606) 584-0456
[email protected]

Bereans for Life is a pro-life student organization at Berea College.

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