Berea Police Report 10-3-2018


Drug Arrest: On 09/25/2018 officers were called to JC Chambers Road in reference to a suspicious vehicle. A male subject was located passed out in the driver seat. The subject showed several signs of impairment as he was speaking to the officers. A small amount of suspected Methamphetamine and syringes were located inside of the vehicle.

Officers arrested 41-year-old Terry Anglin of Berea KY and charged him with Public Intoxication, Possession of Controlled Substance 1st Degree (Methamphetamine), and Drug Paraphernalia Possession.


Drug Arrest: On 09/27/2018 officers were called to Redi Mart on Paint Lick Road in reference to a possible overdose. The subject who was located in the driver seat showed several signs of impairment. Canine Parko was deployed and gave a positive alert on the vehicle. A small amount if suspected Heroin was located inside.

Officers arrested 40-year-old Theodore Hollaway of Berea KY and charged him with Public Intoxication and Possession of Controlled Substance 1st Degree (Heroin).


Shoplifting Arrest: On 09/28/2018 store employees at Walmart observed a subject conceal merchandise in her purse, before attempting to leave the store.

Officers arrested 34-year-old Shawna Davis of London KY and charged her with Theft By Unlawful Taking (Shoplifting).


Theft Arrest: On 09/29/2018 officers were called to the Madison County Public Library in reference to a theft. They reported that a computer and a webcam had been stolen, and the theft was captured on video. A short time later the offender was located walking in the area and was placed under arrest.

Officers charged 34-year-old Anthony Lamb of Paint Lick KY with Theft By Unlawful Taking $500 or More.


Drug Arrest: On 09/30/2018 a traffic stop was conducted on Chapel Lane for a minor equipment violation. A passenger in the vehicle began making aggressive movements and spilled the contents of her purse. A small container fell out, and inside it was suspected Methamphetamine and three Suboxone tablets. A meth pipe was also located inside of the purse. She gave the officer a false name, but her state-issued ID was located in her purse that showed her correct information.

Officers arrested 46-year-old Medenna Stamper of Berea KY and charged her with the following:

-Possession of Controlled Substance 1st Degree (Methamphetamine)
-Prescription Controlled Substance not in Proper Container
-Possession of Controlled Substance 2nd Degree
-Drug Paraphernalia Possession
-Giving an Officer False Identifying Information


Disorderly Conduct: On 09/30/2018 officers were called to Elm Street in reference to a male and female arguing and yelling. The subjects were located and asked to stop. A short time later officers were called back to the same location because of the same thing. The male subject had thrown a glass bottle down the street in the direction of the female and was yelling and screaming.

Officers arrested 34-year-old Samuel Lancaster of Berea KY and charged him with Disorderly Conduct 2nd Degree

Theft: On 09/27/2018 a resident on Otis Street reported that a mini motorcycle was stolen from the residence overnight. Estimated Loss: $300.00.

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