Woodworking Hand Tool Event at Berea College Crafts

Lie-Nielsen Toolworks®, a U.S. manufacturer of heirloom-quality woodworking tools, is bringing its popular Hand Tool Event® to Berea, Kentucky on Sept. 28h and 29 at Berea College Crafts, located in the Mueller Building, 100 Student Crafts Court. This event, which is part of the company’s ongoing international program, provides woodworkers of all ages and skill levels exposure to the benefits of traditional hand tools and techniques. The event will take place Friday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Saturday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. It is an opportunity for the public to receive first-hand instruction directly from the toolmakers.

Tours of Berea College Crafts will be available both Friday and Saturday at 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. each day. The tours, which begin at the Mueller Woodcraft building, will visit all student craft areas (Woodcraft, Broomcraft, Weaving and Ceramics) to observe students working in those areas.

“Berea College Student Crafts is honored to host Lie-Nielsen Toolworks and their talented demonstrators for this hand tool event,” said Aaron Beale, director of Crafts Education Outreach. “Lie-Nielsen Toolworks embodies the commitment to craft that Berea’s student crafts program strives to develop in its students, and this event will be an incredible learning opportunity for them.”

“We started these events to expose more woodworkers to the improvements in quality, environment and enjoyment that hand tool work can offer,” said Thomas Lie-Nielsen, the founder and president of Lie-Nielsen. “During the past decade, we’ve seen their popularity explode with new and experienced woodworkers alike.”

Incorporating traditional tools that don’t require earplugs or respirators offer even die-hard machinery users effective ways to bring their work to the next level. During the event, Lie-Nielsen staff will help demystify the world of hand tool woodworking and cover topics like sharpening, tool setup and use, and joinery. Visitors are encouraged to get hands on and ask questions at the event. Lie-Nielsen also invites guest demonstrators to showcase their work at these events. Guests include independent toolmakers, woodworkers and educators who share their values for quality craftsmanship. The guests for this event will be posted on www.lie-nielsen.com/hand-tool-events

Lie-Nielsen Toolworks makes heirloom quality, woodworking hand tools in Warren, Maine, and takes pride in providing exceptional support to its customers. Lie-Nielsen hand tool events travel to cities around the country to promote woodworking education in the use of hand tools. Lie-Nielsen also offers weekend workshops and instructional videos, and encourages visitors to tour its showroom and shop in Maine.

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