Richmond Raceway Butterball Memorial

Schaeffer’s Oil Iron-Man $10,059 Butterball Results:
39 Late Models took their chance at the $10,059 to win event, the biggest race held by the Richmond Raceway all year long. Qualifying would be split into two groups, Group A & B, group A would see the overall fast timer of Jason Jameson recording a lap of 14.353 seconds around the three eighth mile clay oval. The top 10 in Group A looked like this Michael Chilton second quick, Billy Moyer JR third, Derek Fisher fourth, Zack Dohm fifth, Todd Coffman sixth, Mike Marlar seventh, Eric Wells eighth, Jackie Boggs ninth, and David Webb timed in tenth. Group B had Eddie Carrier JR time in the quickest with a lap of 14.563, he was followed by; Devin Gilpin second, Victor Lee third, Tyler Carpenter fourth, Greg Johnson fifth, Shannon Thornsberry sixth, Tommy Bailey seventh, Jared Hawkins eighth, Jeremy Berwanger ninth, and Jeff Watson rounded out the top ten. The First of Four heats was absolutely stacked, with the Iron-Man series only taking four to the main event from each heat, several stout competitors would be seeing consey action. The first heat would finish like this, Billy Moyer JR picked up the win, Jason Jameson 2nd, Mike Marlar 3rd, and Zack Dohm would take the fourth and final transfer spot. Finishing fifth and heading to the B Main was Jackie Boggs, Zane Powell sixth, Elliott Despain seventh, Joey Standridge eighth, Joe Mayabb ninth, and Tim Tungate rounded out the field finishing tenth. The second heat saw two track regulars lineup on the front row after Michael Chilton pulled in before the green flag. Todd Coffman and Derek Fisher battled hard for the lead for the first 6 laps until a caution would end that battle. Todd Coffman would end up with the win, Eric Wells would get by Derek Fisher for second on the final lap as Fisher had a tire going flat, Derek Fisher took third, with David Webb taking the final transfer spot, Jonathan Couch would head to a B Main finishing fifth, Daniel Dial sixth, CJ Ruble seventh, Dustin Bradshaw eighth, and Michael Chilton credited ninth after not starting the heat. Heat 3 would feature the group B cars and fast timer Eddie Carrier JR, but Victor Lee took the point and took the win in heat 3, Eddie Carrier JR came in second, Greg Johnson third, Jeremy Berwanger would take the final transfer spot, Tommy bailey was headed to a B Main with a fifth place finish, Connor Meade sixth, Steve Elliot seventh, Lauren Longbrake eighth, Danny Barrett ninth, and Robert Tincher in the tenth spot. The fourth and final heat race would lock in four more cars and put 16 total into the race, Devin Gilpin would pick up the win, Jared Hawkins second, Tyler Carpenter from the tail with a flat left front to third, Jeff Watson fourth taking the final transfer spot, Josh Hall headed to a B Main with a fifth place finish, Steven Eversole sixth, Shannon Thornsberry seventh, Dalton Brown eighth, Jason Barrett ninth, and Josh Putnum scored tenth but didn’t start. Next would be two B Mains taking 2 from each, B Main one saw Jackie Boggs and Jonathan Couch take those transfer spots. B Main two however, saw Tommy Bailey and Josh Hall take those spots. With B Mains being over twenty Late Models were in the show and all that remained was the A Main. Four provisionals would be given out however, series point leader Joey Standridge picked up the first provisional to start 21st, former track champion Michael Chilton received the other series provisional to start 22nd, Jason Barrett would start 23rd after receiving a track provisional from current track owner Bill Lupinos, as Barrett currently sits second in track points and has five track championships there was no other guy that could take that spot. Elliott Despain would take the fourth and final provisional starting 24th, Despain earned this from the track in earlier racing action at the Beast of the East in Richmond Kentucky. 24 cars, 59 laps, $10,059 to the winner, who will be the last one standing? As the race began two time Butterball winner Victor Lee took the lead from pole sitter Billy Moyer JR, Victor Lee would end up leading the first lap of the 31st running of the Butterball memorial. After one lap was in the books Eddie Carrier JR had moved from the sixth starting position up to 3rd. The first 27 laps went in the books caution free, Victor Lee had held the top spot for all 27 laps, Eddie Carrier JR had worked his way past Billy Moyer JR for second in lap traffic and was catching Victor Lee before the caution flag would wave. As action resumed Eddie Carrier JR ran the top side right behind the 1x machine of Lee, the heat race 3 battle had resumed but now for $10,059. As they raced up front there were several drivers charging to the front, currently sitting second in WoO points Mike Marlar had raced into the top 5, Jackie Boggs racing in from the B Main was moving up to the top ten, Michael Chilton from 22nd was up to the top ten as well. As they got to 15 laps to go Mike Marlar was up to third and challenging the front two, but as lap 46 went in the books Eddie Carrier JR leaned on Victor Lee at the line to take the lead. Mike Marlar then had a cylinder going down in the 157 machine and slowed dramatically, (Marlar would end up pulling off on the final circuit). This made it a two horse race with ten laps to go, Victor Lee was starting to close the gap between him and Carrier as they began to catch the tail of the field. Lee would run out of time however, Eddie carrier JR would pickup the first win of his career at the Richmond Raceway and grab a very emotional Butterball Memorial win. Victor Lee would come home second and Zack Dohm charged from 13th to third to complete the podium. Jason Jameson came in fourth, Billy Moyer JR fifth, Michael Chilton picked up the hard charger going 22nd to sixth, Eric Wells came home seventh, Jackie Boggs 17th to eighth, Devin Gilpin ninth, Jared Hawkins tenth, David Webb eleventh, Greg Johnson twelth, Jeff Watson thirteenth, Jason Barrett from 24th to fourteenth, Todd Coffman fifteenth, seven time WoO Late Model winner Mike Marlar sixteenth, Track point leader Derek Fisher seventeenth, Tommy Bailey eighteenth, Josh Hall nineteenth, Tyler Carpenter twentieth, Joey Standridge twenty first, Elliott Despain twenty second, Jeremy Berwanger twenty third, and Jonathan Couch twenty fourth.

Schaeffer’s Oil Iron-Man Series $10,059 Winner: Eddie Carrier JR.
Gutter Guy Modified $1,059 Winner: Devin Gilpin.
ARBodies KDRA Super Stock $759 Winner: Logan Preston.
Baker Iron and Metal 4 Cylinder $559 Winner: Allen Hackworth.

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