New stop signs planned as crews complete Short Line Pike connector trail

Weather often delayed the paving of the Short Line Pike connector trail. Now crews will be turning their attention to completing the finishing touches, including two new pedestrians cross walks that will go into effect next week.

Last week, crews from the Allen Company finished paving the new shared use path from Short Line Pike to Highway 21. This week, they’ll be working on the finishing touches, including installing new fencing, seeding, laying down straw and sod, and perhaps most notably to local residents, creating of two new crosswalks for pedestrians.

The two new intersections will include stop signs and a striped crosswalk. The first will cross Short Line Pike near the end of the John B. Stephenson Trail. The second pedestrian intersection will be where the trail crosses Blue Lick Road, from Short Line Pike to Highway 21.

On Wednesday, crews from the City of Berea Department of Public Works deployed electronic signs warning residents that new stop signs will become effective on Tuesday, September 4. In the meantime, workers will deploy the stop signs, then cover them up until next week.

City of Berea GIS Director Tom Moreland noted there will be signage approaching the new intersections, warning both motorists and pedestrians to watch for the stops ahead and for vehicle and foot traffic.

Moreland said the project has generally gone smoothly, though the rain has been a factor. “Weather has been an issue, holding us back,” Moreland said. “But Allen Company was out there most Saturdays. They really went after it, and they’ve treated this project like it was a big deal.”

The next step in the process will be to make the property along the trail aesthetically pleasing, and Moreland will be consulting with workers this week to begin that process. “We’re really hoping to do the fine-tuning and make this trail look good, but also to make sure the adjacent property owners are happy,” Moreland said.

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