Sonic Late Models 1500 to Win Results:
12 Late Models took the track Saturday Night to compete for 1500 dollars and a guaranteed starting spot in the August 18th 10,059 dollar to win Sunoco Race Fuels Butterball Memorial. Track point leader Derek Fisher set quicktime with five time track champ Jason Barrett timing in 2nd and last weeks racelong leader Tommy Bailey timing in 3rd. Late Model heat one saw Derek Fisher and Tommy Bailey lead the field to the green, they raced side by side into turn 4 on the opening lap when Derek Fisher threw a wicked slider on Tommy Bailey. Derek would then begin to pull away from Bailey putting the 38 machine on the pole of the 25 lap main event. Tommy Bailey would finish 2nd with Daniel Shelton coming in 3rd. The second heat saw Five time track champ Jason Barrett and Roger Ruark battle it out for the outside pole position. Jason Barrett would hold off Ruark by .818 seconds to put the B5 on the outside of the front row, Roger Ruark came in 2nd, and Jonathan Couch coming in 3rd. That led us to the 25 lap main event, Derek Fisher and Jason Barrett held the front row as the green flag fell, Fisher got a good start and took the initial lead as Barrett and Tommy Bailey battled it out for 2nd shortly behind the leader. As the race hit halfway eyes started shifting to mid pack as Lauren Longbrake in her first ever appearance was up to 5th from her 8th place starting position. She began to catch the 66 of Ruark as the caution flag waved closing the field up. On the start Fisher took command again as Barrett and Bailey continued to stay close to each other for the 2nd position. Longbrake began to work on the inside of Ruark for the 4th position. Ruark would bobble and Longbrake capitalized taking the 4th position. Derek Fisher would take the win, and lock himself into the $10,059 to win Butterball memorial on August 18th. Jason Barrett would come in 2nd, Tommy Bailey 3rd, Lauren Longbrake 4th, and Roger Ruark rounded out the top 5.
Top 5 in Sonic Late Model Points:
Derek Fisher 1017
Jason Barrett 931
CJ Ruble 703
Todd Coffman 679
Jonathan Couch 643

The Gutter Guy Modifieds 1000 to Win Results:
14 Modifieds looked to take on The Beast of The East Saturday Night. Brian Sammons would take quicktime with Mikah Reams timing in 2nd and Russ Gabbert 3rd. Modified heat one was halted quick as pole sitter Brian Sammons looped the car in turn one of the opening lap. This would move the inside row up one lane each, Jimmy Crabtree took over in the lead. Crabtree and Gabbert would stay close but Crabtree would hold him off for the win, Russ Gabbert came in 2nd, and Zach Powers took 3rd. Heat two saw Dennis Roberson make some moves from the 3rd position to take the win and put the 25 machine outside pole for the 20 lap feature. Mikah Reams would come in 2nd and Jimmy Robinson in a different car for the week coming home 3rd. Jimmy Crabtree and Dennis Roberson led the field onto the track for the 20 lap feature. Crabtree would take command early as Roberson tried to find a way by the c8 machine. Crabtree began to pull away from Roberson but Mikah Reams and Zach Powers were close and coming for Roberson. No one would catch Crabtree as Jimmy Crabtree picked up his second win of the season, Dennis Roberson would hold on for 2nd, Mikah Reams came in 3rd, Zach Powers 4th, and Oscar Marshall rounded out the top 5.
Top 5 in Gutter Guy Modified Points:
Jimmy Crabtree 1047
Jimmy Robinson 1045
Zach Powers 1021
Dennis Roberson 928
Oscar Marshall 923

ARBodies KDRA Super Stocks 750 to Win Results:
10 AR Bodies KDRA Super Stocks came onto the property Saturday to compete for $750. Dennis Roberson doing double duty set quick time, Logan Preston would time in second, with Eddie Stewart timing in 3rd. The first heat took the track and the 119 of Eddie Stewart would not make the call, Dennis Roberson would pick up the win and put the 25 on the pole of the 15 lap feature, Chad Barrett came in 2nd and Martin Stacey rounded out the top 3. The second heat was won by Logan Preston as he put himself on the outside of the front row for the feature, Terry Cheeks came in 2nd, and Darrell Cain came in 3rd. 8 of the 10 Super Stocks came to the track for the 15 lap feature, Dennis Roberson and Logan Preston led the field to the green flag. Roberson was the car to beat all night as he setup a clean sweep, setting quicktime, winning his heat, and winning the feature. Dennis Roberson would pickup the win, Logan Preston came in 2nd, Chad Barrett 3rd, Terry Cheeks came home 4th, and Travis Preston would round out the top 5.
Top 5 in AR Bodies KDRA Super Stock Points:
Logan Preston 1037
Chad Barrett 911
Eddie Stewart 876
Glen Hounshell 800
Dennis Roberson 691

The Baker Iron and Metal 4 Cylinder 500 to Win Results:
13 Baker Iron and Metal Four Cylinders hit the track Saturday Night. Brian Roberts was fastest in qualifying, Allen Hackworth timed in 2nd, with Eddie Stewart coming in 3rd. As heat one took the track pole sitter Brian Roberts would spin around and head to the tail. Eddie Stewart would then take command and pick up the win and put his c9 on the pole, Jason Sizemore would come in 2nd, and Gunner Johnson finished 3rd. Heat two rolled out with Allen Hackworth and Tyler Hayes on the front row. Allen Hackworth and Tyler Hayes battled hard for the lead before Hayes spunout and headed to the tail. Hayes would work his way back up to 2nd as Allen Hackworth picked up the win, Brent Tincher would come in 3rd. All 13 4 cylinders took the track for the 15 lap main event. Eddie Stewart and Allen Hackworth paced the field to the green, as the green fell Stewart took command as the heat race battle between Hackworth and Hayes now was brought into the feature. Hackworth and Hayes would eventually end up making contact sending Allen Hackworth to the tail. The race continued and Allen Hackworth and Brian Roberts were coming up through the field quick. Eddie Stewart still had command as Hackworth and Roberts broke into the top 5. Tyler Hayes however would spinout and exit the race track, giving Gunner Johnson and Allen Hackworth a great chance at gaining points. Eddie Stewart however would pickup the win, Allen Hackworth coming from the tail to 2nd, Brian Roberts from his original starting position of 13th to 3rd, Gunner Johnson 4th, and Brent Tincher in his first race of the year at Richmond rounded out the top 5.
Top 5 in Baker Iron and Metal 4 Cylinder Points:
Tyler Hayes 1021
Gunner Johnson 803
Allen Hackworth 776
Bo Morris 740
Brian Roberts 568

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