Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

I would personally like to thank our Mayor, Steve Connelly, for the following things:

  • Indebtedness of $14 million, a conservative number, for new city hall.
  • 40 year mortgage that we, our children and grandchildren will be paying for the rest of their lives.
  • Contract with KyMEA agency, not a company, we do not need, putting us in a situation with others to pay back a $5 million debt.
  • Utilities Manager that withholds information about said agency, harasses employees and has behavior unbecoming of a public employee. Leaving Berea in hell and going to Paradise.
  • Allows city administrator to sign off on bids that have not received council approval, approve change orders not brought before council.
  • Constantly belittling speakers, citizens and council members in council meetings and the newspaper.
  • Refusing to answer direct questions.
  • Not knowing the meaning of “Due Diligence”.
  • Walking away from a $10 million offer to build a Convention Center in Berea.
  • Refusing to represent Berea in Frankfort.
  • Refusing offers of big businesses to come to Berea. Example: Lowe’s
  • Allowing continued waste of Tourism monies and buying CDs worth millions.
  • Purchasing properties that are of no use.
  • Buying buildings above their estimated value. Example: the Old Hotel
  • Trying to put a restaurant in the L &N Depot to the time of $300,000.
  • Buying the Tolle Building for $900,000+. It is yet to be used for what it was bought for 3 years ago.
  • Not connecting trails and pathways to draw more tourists.
  • Allowing parks to fall apart; restricts their expansion and growth.
  • Refusing invitation of the Chamber of Commerce to speak at the State of the City Address but spoke at KFTC.
  • Not fixing infrastructure in our city to make it more appealing to visitors.
  • Still allowing city properties to not be ADA compliant as of July 7th.
  • Cancellation of the Spoonbread Festival, the city’s biggest tourist attraction. Luckily it was saved last year by the Chamber of Commerce and the City Council members.
  • Renting city properties for $1 a year, losing property taxes instead of selling said properties.
  • Creating commissions that do nothing, have no power to do anything and violate their reason for being created. (HRC and Utilities Board).
  • Creating commissions and boards that are yes men and women for said mayor. Commissions and boards that do not keep minutes or agendas and for which there is no oversight.
  • Making up laws and rules as he goes.
  • Ignoring votes of the Council elected to represent the people.
  • Inconsistencies in restaurant taxes.
  • Allowing nepotism in one of the greatest funded commissions Tourism-Cheryl Stone, Randy Stone city administrators wife.
  • Allows work to be done by outside companies that could be done by city employees, providing jobs to citizens. Example: Signage and maintenance at City Hall.
  • Continues to throw monies into nonprofits already grant funded and lets our city fall down around us due to flooding and crumbling infrastructure.
  • Tries to create his own laws concerning the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution.
  • Instead of “Roberts Rules of Order” he has created “Steve’s Rule of Order”.
    All we wanted was a mayor who cared about the citizens and our little City of Berea. Instead we got an Emperor, Ruler, King, Baron, Chief, Count, Duke, Squire, General, Excellency and Lord.

Again we only wanted a mayor. Talk about overkill. Time for a new mayor to guide our great council.

Jacquline Bowling – Berea

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