Beshear: AG’s Office Offering Kentuckians One More Way to Stay Connected

Andy Beshear

Attorney General Andy Beshear is offering Kentuckians one more way to stay connected with his office – email or text message direct news updates.

The new service, similar to his Scam Alerts, offers updates on the issues that face Kentucky families and communities.

“By signing up for news updates, Kentucky families will never miss an opportunity to learn about our office’s latest actions and where to turn when they need our help,” said Beshear. “From local child abuse prevention trainings to settling major consumer protection actions that returns thousands of dollars back to impacted families – we are providing Kentuckians a new opportunity to connect directly with our office.”

Kentuckians may visit or text the words KYOAG NEWS to GOV 311 (468–311) to enroll and start receiving information on Beshear’s core mission – preventing and prosecuting child abuse, protecting seniors from scams and abuse, seeking justice for victims of sexual assault and finding workable solutions to the state’s drug epidemic – as well as other work from his office.

Examples of the type of updates Kentuckians will receive from the direct news update service will be similar to recent announcements by the office:

·         Investigations, Arrests of Five Cyber Predators by AG’s Office Lead to Federal Court Convictions

·         Beshear Sues Walgreens for ‘Dual Role’ in State’s Opioid Epidemic

·         Beshear, Lawmakers Pushing for Stronger Protections for Kentuckians in Utility Rate Cases

·         Fake Federal Agents Targeting Social Security Numbers

·         Nearly 2,200 Small Businesses that Purchased Scam Services to Receive Refund

·         Over 1.3 Million Kentuckians Impacted by Facebook on Reported Misuse of Users’ Personal Data

·         Beshear: Nearly 700 Kentuckians File Claims in Nearly $500,000 Sleep Disorder Drug Settlement

·         Beshear: Kentucky Receives more than $93 Million in Tobacco Settlement Money

Beshear said Kentuckians are particularly interested in local efforts being made to combat the opioid epidemic, local child protection training opportunities and settlement information from his office’s consumer protection actions.

His office will be announcing in the coming days payment eligibility information for the nearly 550 Kentuckians who faced foreclosures on their homes from New Jersey-based PHH Mortgage Company but are eligible for payment through a multistate settlement against the company.

To date, Beshear’s office has held more than 70 national, regional or local companies accountable for deceptive business practices, securing potential restitution that could exceed more than $92 million, representing amounts paid to consumers, amounts Kentuckians are eligible to receive and the value of credits and warranty extensions.

Beshear’s mediation services has returned more than $1.6 million to Kentuckians defrauded by unscrupulous business owners and con artists, averaging nearly $2,700 a day back in the pockets of Kentucky families.

Beshear said the news updates are an expansion of the Scam Alerts his office already offers Kentuckians. Through Scam Alerts Kentuckians, receive an alert when new and trending scams are reported in Kentucky. Beshear has issued more than 50 Scam Alerts and more than 18,500 Kentuckians are enrolled. To sign up for Scam Alerts visit or text the words KYOAG SCAM to GOV 311.


Kentuckains continue to have the option to only sign up for Scam Alerts, or to enroll in the new service to receive all updates, including Scam Alerts.


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