The Schaeffer’s Oil Bonus Series/Schaeffer’s Oil Iron-Man Championship Late Models 10,031 to Win Results:
22 Late Models came through the pit gate this Saturday to compete for the 10,031 dollar big show. Qualifying was split into two groups of 11 as group A featured “Hot Rod” Todd Coffman setting quicktime, David Payne 2nd, and Ray Cook timing in 3rd. Group B featured defending Mike Roland Memorial winner Tyler Carpenter picking up quicktime, Zack Dohm 2nd, and Jason Jameson 3rd. The First Heat race was dominated by “Hot Rod” Todd Coffman putting his 35 machine on the pole of the 50 lap 10,031 dollar to win race. Track point leader, Derek Fisher from 6th to 2nd, and Connor Meade coming in 3rd. Heat 2 would set the inside of the second row, John Ownbey would take this spot winning heat 2, David Payne 2nd, and hometown favorite Jason Barrett finishing 3rd. Heat 3 would put someone alongside the 35 of Coffman and set the front row for the 2nd annual Mike Roland Memorial. As Tyler Carpenter picked up the win, Jason Jameson 2nd, and Aaron Ridley 3rd the three of them would put on a show worth the price of admission by itself. Heat 4 would end preliminary events and set the lineup for the 50 lap feature. Zack Dohm would pick up the win, with Jared Hawkins 2nd, and Chicky Barton finishing 3rd. 22 cars 50 laps 10,031 dollars on the line, who would make it out on top? As the race got started Tyler Carpenter’s Kryptonite race car got the lead taking it from Todd Coffman. Zack Dohm would bring out the first caution of the night with a flat tire at the top of turn 2. Dohm and crew would get it replaced and pick up the tail. As the green flag replaced the yellow Tyler Carpenter got right back out front using every inch of the Richmond Raceway. As the race continued green track point leader Derek Fisher was making gains as he was moving his way up to the podium positions. The LongHorn chassis #38 was on a rail as they got into lap traffic he began to close in on the “Kamakazie Kid” Tyler Carpenter. Tyler Carpenter however, was getting through lap traffic very well using the top, bottom, and splitting them in the middle. Drivers using the guard rail and hitting the ute tires making every inch of the track work for them. Carpenter seemed better in lap traffic. The #28 machine was definitely hooked up as he defended his title as he picked up his second career Mike Roland Memorial win. Carpenter picked up the win, track point leader Derek Fisher came home 2nd driving back by a slider attempt from Jared Hawkins who would finish 3rd, John Ownbey 4th, and Jason Jameson rounding out the top 5.
Top 5 in Sonic Late Model Points:
Derek Fisher 552
Jason Barrett 500
Todd Coffman 453
CJ Ruble 399
Jonathan Couch 379

The Gutter Guy Modifieds 1000 to Win Results:
13 Modifieds looked to take on The Beast of The East Saturday Night. Jimmy Robinson set quicktime with Blake Brown timing in second and Dennis Roberson timing in 3rd. Modified heat one would put Jimmy Robinson on the pole of the 20 lap event, Jimmy Crabtree 2nd, and Russ Gabbert 3rd. The second heat would lineup the outside row as Blake Brown put his car on the outside of the front row with the win in heat 2, Jimmy Lennox would finish 2nd, and Zach Powers 3rd. The 20 lap feature took the green flag with Blake Brown taking command using the guard rails to rocket down the straightaways. Blake Brown would dominate the feature and pick up the win, now taking home 2 wins in 2 tries at Richmond Raceway. Jimmy Lennox would finish 2nd, Jimmy Robinson 3rd, Jimmy Crabtree 4th, and Russ Gabbert 5th.
Top 5 in The Gutter Guy Modifieds Points:
Jimmy Crabtree 630
Zach Powers 610
Jimmy Robinson 603
Oscar Marshall 572
Wayne Helton 545

The Baker Iron and Metal 4 Cylinder 500 to Win Results:
12 Baker Iron and Metal Four Cylinders hit the track Saturday Night. 4 Cylinder qualifying would see track record holder Allen Hackworth pick up quicktime, Greg Hensley 2nd, and Shane Irvin timing in third. Heat one took the track and Allen Hackworth took it home and put his car on the pole. Doodle Farris 2nd, and Shane Irvin took the first heats podium. The second heat was great, Tyler Hayes and Greg Hensley stayed side by side the whole race, Tyler Hayes would pickup the win with Greg Hensley 2nd, and Bo Morris finishing 3rd. 15 laps were what the Beast of the East was going to hold for the 4 Cylinders. Allen Hackworth took command early and never looked back. Hackworth would take home his 2nd feature win of the season at Richmond. Greg Hensley would come from a flat tire to finish 2nd, Doodle Farris would come in 3rd, Gunner Johnson from a pile up back to 4th, and Shane Irvin coming from a spinout to 5th.

Top 5 in Baker Iron and Metal Points:
Tyler Hayes 607
Brandon Creech 502
Bo Morris 446
Gunner Johnson 401
Allen Hackworth 393

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