Richmond Raceway News

The Sonic Late Models 1500 to Win Results:
8 Late Models came through the pit gate this Saturday to compete for 1500 dollars. Track point leader and defending track champion Derek Fisher set quick time with “Hot Rod” Todd Coffman 2nd and Jason Barrett timing in 3rd. The Heat race was dominated by Derek Fisher as Todd Coffman and Jason Barrett were left behind to battle for third. Fisher would set his LongHorn chassis on the pole as Todd Coffman fended off Jason Barrett to put his Rocket Chassis alongside Fisher. The feature was 31 laps in honor of the Late Johnny “The Wheelman” Wheeler, it kicked off with Derek Fisher getting to turn one first and leading down the backstretch. As they got to turn four Todd Coffman went high and Derek Fisher slid up in front of him, Todd Coffman turned it hard to the left and drove by Fisher to take the lead. Derek Fisher was closely behind Coffman as they got into the first corner. As they got to the middle of the corner Derek Fisher looped the car and came to a stop at the bottom of the track. Derek Fisher would pick up the tail and try to get back to the front to win his 4th consecutive feature. Can he do it? As the race resumed Todd Coffman began to pull away from 2nd place running Jason Barrett. As they hit the halfway point Derek Fisher broke back into the top 3 and set his sights on Todd Coffman and Jason Barrett. As lap 20 was put in the books Derek Fisher had worked his way back to second and was catching Coffman. Todd Coffman was running the inside with Fisher on the top. As Todd Coffman caught lap traffic he changed his line to the top and began to steady his lead on Derek Fisher. As they took the white flag Derek Fisher was trying to close in but couldn’t seem to get close enough to make a move. Richmond Raceways track record holder “Hot Rod” Todd Coffman would pick up his first feature win of the season at Richmond breaking Derek Fisher’s three feature win streak. Derek Fisher 2nd, Jason Barrett 3rd, Nathan Martin 4th, and Jonathan Couch rounding out the top 5.
Sonic Late Model Top 5 in Points:
Derek Fisher 375
Todd Coffman 370
Jason Barrett 342
CJ Ruble 284
Jonathan Couch 250

The Gutter Guy Modifieds 1000 to Win Results:
13 Modifieds looked to take on The Beast of The East Saturday Night. Last weeks feature winner Keith Smith set quick time with Jimmy Robinson second and Russ Gabbert timing in third. The first modified heat was a great battle for the lead as Russ Gabbert and Keith Smith battling for the lead. Russ Gabbert would take the win and put his car on the pole of the 20 lap feature with Keith Smith finishing second and Oscar Marshall third in Heat one. Heat two, was won by defending track champion Jimmy Robinson as Dennis Roberson came from fourth to second with Zach Powers finishing third. With the 20 lap feature lining up the highside was the place to watch as Jimmy Robinson and Russ Gabbert both went there too battle for the lead. Keith Smith took to the bottom to see if he had anything for the two up top. Nothing really panned out for Smith’s 1s as he would never really get close enough to the front two. Jimmy Robinson would take the win against Russ Gabbert to take his 2nd feature win of the season at Richmond. 2nd Russ Gabbert, Keith Smith 3rd, Dennis Roberson 4th, and Mikah Reams 5th in his first race at Richmond this season.
Gutter Guy Modified Top 5 in Points:
Jimmy Crabtree 403
Zach Powers 393
Jimmy Robinson 358
Oscar Marshall 357
Wayne Helton 356

The KDRA ARBodies Super Stocks 750 to Win Results:
8 Super Stocks participated in the 750 to win event at the Beast of the East. Track point leader Logan Preston set quicktime as Jeremy Howard was 2nd and Tyler Collis back in his 27 machine stopped the clock third. The Super Stocks held one heat race and Logan Preston won it putting the 89 machine on the pole of the 15 lap main event. Jeremy Howard set the 310 on the grid next to Preston. The Super Stock 15 lap feature was caution free as Jeremy Howard took an early lead and left Logan Preston behind in second. Jeremy Howard picked up the $750 win for his second straight and second win of the year at Richmond. Logan Preston picked up his fourth second place finish of the year with Tyler Collis 3rd, Glen Hounshell 4th, and Travis Preston picking up a top 5 finish in his first race at Richmond this year.
KDRA ARBodies Super Stocks Top 5 in Points:
Logan Preston 446
Chad Barrett 387
Matthew King 357
Glen Hounshell 336
Eddie Stewart 285

The Baker Iron and Metal 4 Cylinder 500 to Win Results:
17 Baker Iron and Metal Four Cylinders hit the track Saturday Night. Jason Sizemore put down a real good lap in qualifying setting fast time of the night with Tyler Hayes second and Shane Yates third. The first heat was interesting after fast time holder Jason Sizemore did not start it moving Brandon Creech’s 723 to the pole. Creech won the heat race putting himself on the pole of the 15 lap feature. Heat two was won by track point leader Tyler Hayes making the front row interesting for the feature. The third and final heat race saw Shane Yates pick up the win, and start on the inside of the second row behind Creech and Hayes. The 15 lap feature saw 14 of the 17 cars in attendance take the green flag. Tyler Hayes took the early lead away from Brandon Creech leaving him to battle with others for second. Tyler Hayes had his car on point all night and picked up his 5th feature win of the year and fourth and Richmond Raceway. Brandon Creech would bring it in second, Gunner Johnson 6th to 3rd, Bo Morris 4th, and Jeremy Porter rounding out the top 5.
Baker Iron and Metal 4 Cylinder Top 5 in Points:
Tyler Hayes 460
Brandon Creech 354
Bo Morris 306
Jeremy Porter 298
Jason Sizemore 257

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