Richmond Raceway News 6/25/2018

Sonic Late Models 1500 to Win Results:
17 Late Models came through the pit gate this Saturday to compete for the 1500 dollars. As they rolled out for qualifying track point leader Derek Fisher took quicktime with Jonathan Couch timing in 2nd, and “Hot Rod” Todd Coffman timing in 3rd. Late Model Heat One featured the Richmond Raceway regular show winners Derek Fisher and Todd Coffman on the front row. Derek Fisher had it rolling though and won the heat with Todd Coffman coming in 2nd, and Dustin Golden making an appearance at Richmond finishing 3rd. The second heat was won by the 5 time track champion Jason Barrett, Roger Ruark making his first appearance of the season 2nd, and Josh Dietz also making his first appearance coming in 3rd. 25 lap feature was getting ready to roll out with Derek Fisher on the pole and Jason Barrett on the outside of the front row. Derek Fisher was strong right out of the gate leaving Jason Barrett and Todd Coffman to have a great clean battle for second. As they got to lap traffic Derek Fisher was strong passing cars anywhere he needed to. Barrett and Coffman however seemed to struggle a bit more in traffic as they battled in and out of traffic. Caution would be thrown as a lap car would eventually spin out in front of the 2nd place running Jason Barrett. The race would go green again and Fisher would again pull away and Coffman resumed his pursuit of Barrett. Derek Fisher would win the 1500 dollar event, Jason Barrett 2nd, Todd Coffman 3rd, Roger Ruark 4th, and Dustin Golden rounding out the top 5.

Top 5 in Sonic Late Model points:
Derek Fisher 742
Jason Barrett 680
Todd Coffman 629
CJ Ruble 515
Jonathan Couch 447

The Gutter Guy Modifieds 1000 to Win Results:
15 Modifieds looked to take on The Beast of The East Saturday Night. Dennis Roberson kicked off qualifying with quicktime, Jimmy Robinson 2nd, and Zach Powers would time in third. Modified heat one was a great one as Zach Powers and Dennis Roberson battled hard to start on the pole of the 20 lap feature. Zach Powers would take the win and put his machine on the pole looking for his first career win, Dennis Roberson 2nd, and Jimmy Lennox 3rd. Modified heat two saw defending track champion take the win and put his car on the outside of the front row for the feature, Jimmy Crabtree 2nd, and Russ Gabbert 3rd. 15 cars lined up for 20 laps at the Richmond Raceway in Richmond, Kentucky. Pole sitter Zach Powers and outside pole sitter Jimmy Robinson battled hard for the first couple laps as they were nose to nose all the way around the raceway. Eventually Robinson would get the best of the 33z machine and take the lead. Jimmy Crabtree was now coming after the front two cars as he began to work on the 33z. Crabtree would move up to second and set his sights on Jimmy Robinson. Crabtree wouldn’t have enough for Robinson as Jimmy Robinson picked up his 3rd win of the season at Richmond this year, Jimmy Crabtree 2nd, Dennis Roberson 3rd, Jimmy Lennox 4th, and Zach Powers rounding out the top 5.

Top 5 in The Gutter Guy Modified points:
Jimmy Crabtree 804
Jimmy Robinson 791
Zach Powers 780
Oscar Marshall 704
Dennis Roberson 665

ARBodies KDRA Super Stocks 750 to Win Results:
16 ARBodies KDRA Super Stocks signed in for the racing program at Richmond Saturday night. Qualifying in the low 17 second bracket Eddie Stewart set quicktime, Jeremy Howard timed in 2nd, and Glen Hounshell 3rd. The first heat was dominated by Eddie Stewart leaving everyone behind to battle it out for 2nd, Logan Preston came in 2nd, and Nate Mullins 3rd. Heat two was won by Jeremy Howard’s 310 machine as he put some space between him and 2nd place finishing Dennis Roberson, Travis Preston would finish 3rd. All 16 Super Stocks would make the call and hit the track for 15 laps of action hoping to take home 750 dollars. Eddie Stewart took and early lead but Jeremy Howard kept with him. Howard was hoping for a mistake from the 119 and give him a chance to make a move. No mistake would be made as Eddie Stewart would take the win, Jeremy Howard 2nd, Dennis Roberson 3rd, Logan Preston 4th, and Travis Preston 5th.

Top 5 in ARBodies KDRA Super Stock points:
Logan Preston 779
Chad Barrett 670
Eddie Stewart 655
Glen Hounshell 642
Matthew King 611

The Baker Iron and Metal 4 Cylinder 500 to Win Results:
17 Baker Iron and Metal Four Cylinders hit the track Saturday Night. 4 Cylinder qualifying would see Eddie Stewart doing double duty set his second quicktime of the night, Brian Roberts 2nd, and track record holder Allen Hackworth 3rd. The first heat race featured Eddie Stewart putting his c9 machine on the pole for the 15 lap feature, Bo Morris 2nd, and Vernon Hounshell 3rd. Heat two saw Brian Roberts put his 23 machine along side the c9 with the win in heat two, 11 year old Blake Patton would finish 2nd, and Gunner Johnson would finish 3rd. The 3rd and final heat race would feature Allen Hackworth and track point leader Tyler Hayes on the front row. They would battle hard but Allen Hackworth had the advantage as the checkered flag waved, Tyler Hayes 2nd, and Clint Cox 3rd. 14 of the 17 cars would make it to the feature front row starters Eddie Stewart and Brian Roberts led the field to the green flag for 15 laps of action. Immediate caution would erase the start and make a complete restart except for the 33 of Allen Hackworth, who would go to the infield and pick up the tail. Green would replace the yellow and racing resumed. All 14 cars seemed to battle hard all over the racetrack. Caution would eventually wave on the c9 who had a flat tire! They replaced the tire and came back out to resume on the tail. Hackworth and Stewart both coming from the tail were going to be fun to watch. As they came to three laps to go Allen Hackworth had caught the leader Brian Roberts and take the lead. Then the 33 team had some terrible timed luck as they lost a transmission with 2 laps to go and would have to take it to the pits. Brian Roberts would then get the win, Eddie Stewart would come back to 2nd, Tyler Hayes 3rd, Gunner Johnson 4th, and Clint Cox took home 5th.

Top 5 in Baker Iron and Metal 4 Cylinder points:
Tyler Hayes 777
Bo Morris 602
Gunner Johnson 567
Allen Hackworth 547
Brandon Creech 502

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