McConnell Welcomes KY Vets w/Honor Flight to WWII Memorial

Earlier today, U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY), welcomed more than 60 WWII Veterans and their guardians to Washington D.C. at the WWII Memorial with the Honor Flight Bluegrass. Honor Flight Bluegrass said that this is the largest contingent of WWII Veterans on an Honor Flight this year and that it is the 10th Anniversary of Honor Flight Bluegrass.

Senator McConnell said, “This morning, I was honored to meet a number of Kentucky veterans at the World War II Memorial and welcome them to Washington. My father fought in World War II. So I was particularly grateful to hear these veterans’ stories and share in their special moment of remembrance. I thanked each of them, as well as the Honor Flight Bluegrass organization, which takes on the logistical and financial burden so veterans can travel to their monuments at no personal cost.”

Following the visit with the Honor Flight Bluegrass, Senator McConnell delivered remarks on the Senate floor honoring Kentucky veterans and recognized the 74th anniversary of the Allied invasion at Normandy.

Senator McConnell said, “I was especially glad this opportunity came today, on the 74th anniversary of the Allied invasion at Normandy. On June 6th, 1944, the free world embarked on a daring mission of historic proportions. With conviction, bravery, and patriotism, the Greatest Generation ran into the breach. Many paid the ultimate price on D-Day. But their bravery paved the road to victory in Europe. Allied troops stared down the most pernicious evil the modern world had ever seen — and prevailed. The world has changed in the years since D-Day. But some things haven’t changed. We still honor the sacrifices of those who ran into the breach. Today, the president will sign into law the VA MISSION Act that Congress passed last month. It’s a set of major improvements to the way we care for America’s veterans — increasing their choices and expanding access to care for those who’ve sacrificed to serve.”

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