Berea Mayor Steve Connelly files to run for a fifth

Berea Mayor Steve Connelly filed to run for a fifth term as the city’s chief executive, presenting his papers to Madison County Deputy Clerk Teresa Hanson on Thursday. Connelly served three terms on Berea City Council beginning in 1996, and was first elected mayor in 2002.

Mayor Steven Connelly filed Thursday to run for a fifth term as Berea’s mayor. Connelly was first elected mayor in 2002, defeating incumbent Clifford Kerby. He won re-election in 2006, 2010, and 2014. Prior to that, he served three, two-year terms on Berea City Council, beginning with his election in 1996.

After filing his papers for re-election, Mayor Connelly made the following statement. “I filed to run for mayor today with several goals in mind. I think this is a time of transition, and I would like to see certain policies carried through.

First, I will work with council to safeguard and protect the finances of the city through prudent budgeting and efficient spending, by maintaining our capital reserve and rainy-day accounts, and expanding our local economy through support for existing industry, expansion of tourism, and by seizing niche opportunities for small business development.

Second, I will work with council to maintain and expand our first-class workforce by providing training, good equipment, and competitive salaries.

Third, I would will with council to develop a post-2020 plan to purchase wholesale electric power for BMU that is focused on the long-term and utilizes diversified sources and multiple contracts to reduce the danger of market fluctuations.

Berea’s remarkable history has four themes: education, social justice, economic opportunity and environmental stewardship. Drawing on these themes over the next four years, I will work as mayor to emphasize improvements to our infrastructure, local economic development, providing affordable employee benefits, and conducting important citizen projects.

I will advocate four strategies to pursue these themes: continuing a productive partnership between town and college, stressing the importance of planning, striving to provide high quality services, and seeking to balance revenue and spending while saving for future needs.”

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