Berea Fire Chief Shawn Sandlin keynote speaker

Fire Chief Shawn Sandlin

Berea Fire Department Chief Shawn Sandlin was the keynote speaker Tuesday at a meeting of the Berea Rotary Club. The meeting took place at the Kentucky Artisan Center. Chief Sandlin touched on a variety of topics, including his background as a first responder, how Berea’s firefighters are trained, and he also offered safety tips. Rotary Club members then asked several questions.

Some highlights of Sandlin’s presentation included:
1.) Because it carries rescue equipment, the Berea Fire Department’s new ladder truck is deployed for possible injury accidents in city limits and on I-75. The new equipment allows first responders to begin rescue efforts more rapidly than in the past.

2.) The Berea Fire Department also plays a role in educating the public about safety, including teaching school kids how to react during a fire emergency or training prospective first responders in the Junior Firefighter program for high schoolers.

3.) Closing with some trivia, Chief Sandlin noted that dalmatians were initially introduced to fire houses to protect the horses that pulled water tankers back in the 1800s and early 20th century. With a fierce nature when provoked, dalmatians were thought to be well-suited for guarding the fire horses.

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