The BOSS Non Wing Sprint Car Results

The BOSS Non winged sprint cars came to Richmond Raceway Kentucky for a great Memorial day event. 22 cars signed in to the event at the historic Beast of the East. After pill drawing for heat race competition the non winged boys set right into heat race action starting with heat one. Kyle Simon’s 23s brought home the first heat race at Richmond Raceway over Justin Owen’s 4J machine and Paul Dues taking home the final redraw spot. The second heat race brought out some more passing as Cody Gardner’s 9G came across the stripe first followed by Michael Fischesser’s 44f and the 44 of Joe Liguori taking the last redraw spot away from the nephew of the last sprint car winner (Jake Hewitt) at Richmond, Dallas Hewitt. BOSS brought three great heat races to Richmond this weekend as heat three was just as good as all the others as Mike Miller’s 82 won the race with the last two redraw spots being occupied by Matt Cooley’s 19 and Kory Crabtree’s 77. After the top 9 spots were shuffled around by the pill draw the feature lined up. 22 sprint cars 25 laps around the Richmond Raceways 3/8 of a mile dirt track. The race started off great with sprints turning great times around the very bottom and very top of the Beast of the East, this all changed when the race went red as Cole Ketcham got upside down in turn three and came to a stop. After the Lawrenceburg and Richmond track crews cleaned up the wreck the action was underway once more. Paul Dues 87 machine was fast and catching the tail quickly around the Kentucky Bullring Matt Cooley was closing in. Bill Rose from the 12th starting spot was coming to the front quick as well. As the laps clicked away Matt Cooley and Paul Dues battle for the lead strengthened as they both wanted to pick up their first BOSS win of their careers. The white flag waved and Matt Cooley made a slick move getting by Dues in the first corner, however Dues wasn’t done there coming back after him in three and four as they got to the frontstretch side by side they banged wheels! Paul Dues 87 machine picked up his first career BOSS Non Winged win at the Richmond Raceway. Matt Cooley would finish 2nd, Bill Rose 3rd, Justin Owen 4th, and Joe Liguori rounding out the top 5.
BOSS Top 5 Points:
Bill Rose – 704
Dustin Smith – 682
Paul Dues – 669
Joe Liguori – 662
Matt Cooley – 656

The Gutter Guy Modifieds 1000 to Win Results:
15 Open Wheel Modifieds signed in for competition this weekend at Richmond, Qualifying featured the Smith brother’s as Cody Smith set fast time with Keith Smith timing in second. The first modified heat race was won of the pole as Cody Smith brought the 11s machine to the front row of the Modified A feature. Dennis Roberson finished 2nd and Blake Roe from 6th to 3rd in Heat race number one. Modified Heat two was a really competitive one as Keith Smith and Jimmy Crabtree were side by side for the first 5 laps before Keith Smith took the point and lined himself up outside of his brother for the 20 lap feature. Keith Smith was followed by Jimmy Crabtree 2nd and Russ Gabbert 3rd. As the brothers paced the field to the green a lot of tough modifieds lined up behind them looking for a way by them. Keith led the way with Cody right behind him for most of the race until Cody Smith got into the corner a little hot and tried to check up and got his car turned around and had to catch the tail of the field. This gave Dennis Roberson and Jimmy Crabtree a chance at Keith Smith. Keith Smith had a great car all night and picked up his first feature win at the Richmond raceway this season, Dennis Roberson 2nd, Jimmy Crabtree 3rd, Jason Hollon 15th to 4th, and Zach Powers 10th to 5th.
Top 5 in Modified Points:
Jimmy Crabtree 340
Zach Powers 315
Oscar Marshall 293
Wayne Helton 286
Brian Sammons 266

The ARBodies Super Stocks 750 to Win Results:
9 Super Stocks participated in the 750 to win event at the Beast of the East. Qualifying saw the newly finished Jeremy Howard 310 car pick up quicktime followed by Glen Hounshell and Logan Preston. The super stocks ran one heat race to set the 15 lap A Main starting positions. Jeremy Howard picked up the win and would start on the pole of the 15 lap race with Glen Hounshell on his outside of the feature. Jeremy Howards first night out in the 310 machine was looking good as he picked up quicktime and the heat race victory to put himself in the front of the field. Passing was happening all over the Richmond Raceway as positions shifted all over the track. Jeremy Howard picked up the win and swept the evening, Reggie Ritchie 2nd, Logan Preston 3rd, Dennis Roberson 4th, and Chad Barrett rounded out the top 5.
Top 5 in Super Stock Points:
Logan Preston 353
Chad Barrett 313
Eddie Stewart 285
Matthew King 285
Glen Hounshell 252

The Baker Iron and Metal 4 Cylinder 500 to win Results:
10 Baker Iron and Metal 4 Cylinders attempted to win the 500 dollar event Richmond held Saturday May 26th. With Allen Hackworth picking up fast time Tyler Hayes timed in second and Gunner Johnson third. The first Heat was won easily by the 33 of Allen Hackworth as he took his machine around the Beast of the East in a very quick way and put himself on the pole of the 12 lap feature. Tyler Lawson took home the second spot and Gunner Johnson third. The second 4 cylinder heat was taken home by Tyler Hayes’s 23 to put him outside Allen Hackworth for what looked to be a great 4 Cylinder event. Jeremy Porter took home 2nd in heat two with Clint Cox 3rd. The A Feature brought us a great front row and some good cars throughout the field, as Tyler Hayes and Allen Hackworth battled ahead of the pack they all shuffled for position behind. As the white flag flew Allen Hackworth seemed to be closing in on Tyler Hayes but just would run out of time before getting to him. Tyler Hayes picked up his third win of the year and 2nd at the Richmond Raceway with Allen Hackworth 2nd, Gunner Johnson 3rd, Jeremy Porter 4th, and Tyler Lawson 5th.
Top 5 in 4 Cylinder Points:
Tyler Hayes 281
Allen Hackworth 215
Brandon Creech 174
Jason Sizemore 157
Bo Morris 152

Meet the Drivers Night Presented by 100.7 WCYO The Coyote
June 2nd Richmond Raceway hosts meet the drivers night presented by 100.7 WCYO The Coyote. Come out to see the Sonic Late Models running for 1500 to win, The Gutter Guy Modifieds running for 1000 to win, The ARBodies Super Stocks running for 750 to win, and The Baker Iron and Metal Four Cylinders running two 500 to win features resuming the May 27th rain out program. Pits open at 2, Grandstands at 4, With cars on the track at 6 for hot laps. 12 dollar grandstand admission.

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